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April 1, 2021: A Conversation with Hrimfara fra Lough Arrow II

The following conversation took place with Hrimmi, as I was getting her ready to go for a ride, and during the first part of this ride.

Alys: Hrimmi, I am really tired. I considered bagging this ride. But being the responsible person that I am, I’m getting you out.
Hrimmi: You are far too responsible. I don’t need the exercise.
A: Oh yes you do.
H: Oh no I don’t.
A: Who’s for you to say?
H: Who’s for you to say?
A: Don’t you want to go on an outing?
H: No. I have my hay and supplements to finish. This is what I’d like to do.

Pete and Hrimmi

A: How’s about I let you finish your hay and supplements. I can in the meantime clean the pen.
H: Too late. Look. Pete’s taken care of it.
A: Well then, we have no other options. Out we go.
H: We have another option. You can put me away and return to the house.
A: Isn’t that like you, knowing I’m tired you’re being considerate.
H: Yes, I am a very considerate mare.
A: I think that it’s best that you and I go on a little outing.
H: Where and how far are we going?
A: Around the loop and down the road, to the turnoff.
H: Too far.
A: How about we just go around the loop?
H: Not far enough. May as well just call it good.
A: Nope. Out we go.
H: Wait. Lemme grab another bite of hay.
A: (Teeth clenched together) come on.
H: (Lifting head and looking around.) Look at Tyra, over by the gate. She badly wants to get out.
A: It’s late, so I’m taking her on a longer ride tomorrow.
H: So, am I going out today and tomorrow?
A: Yep.
H: How come you’ve been riding me first lately?
A: Because you are right now my most reliable horse. You never spook, bolt, or buck.
H: True.
A: Why is this?
H: Because I don’t want to expend the energy.
A: Oh.
H: I have a bone to pick with you, and it has some meat on it.
A: What’s that?
H: Lately, at the near conclusion of our ride, you ride me past the gate, and down the hill. How come we don’t just turn in the driveway?
A: Because you will expend energy on the return trip to the gate.
H: How’s about this? If I maintain a trot after you ask for it, might we then turn in the driveway?
A: Yes.
H: You aren’t going to forget this are you?
A: No.
H: And how about you up the number of hay pellets to two after I wait for you to get in the saddle.
A: Yes.
H: And how about you start taking me out last?
A: If I do this, you might not get taken out.
H: Exactly. This way I could get in a rest day now and then.
A: You drive a hard bargain. Let’s go. The longer we wait to get on with it, the longer it is going to take to get the ride done.
H: Not if I don’t go out at all.
A: Enough.
H: Oh, all right. But remember, a deal is a deal.
A: Yes, a deal is a deal.

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