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April 2, 2021: A Conversation with Stormy

Alys: Stormy, how are you doing?
Stormy: My ear hurts.
A: Yes, its going to hurt for some time.
S: Why is this?
A: Because Dr. Kaiser had to amputate a part of it.
S: What does amputate mean?
A: To cut off.
S: So, this is why it feels so strange.
A: Yes.
S: I’m glad that you and Pete took care of this so quickly.
A: I am too. I came into the shed and saw that your ear was bloody. We immediately called Dr. Kaiser and he said to bring you over.
S: And so, you loaded me into the back of the truck and took me over there.


A: Yes. And Dr. Kaiser gave you a sedative and then stitched you up in his heated garage.
S: Yes, he’s a good man. Kind and gentle. I knew I was in good hands.
A: And we knew you were in good hands.
S: And he attempted to determine if I was pregnant.
A: Yes. He said he felt a bump when he put his hands on your sides. And I repeatedly told him your milk bags are full.
S: I’m glad to be keeping you all guessing.
A: Is it possible for an animal to postpone giving birth?
S: I don’t know about other types of animals but with goats, yes. This is a strategy that our ancestors developed in the wild. If it wasn’t safe to give birth, goats waited a few days.
A: Well, now you are home.
S: And back with my buddy Ranger.
A: And again, I’m keeping an eye on you.
S: And the days are getting longer and it’s getting warmer.
A: I’m so glad that your injury didn’t occur when it was below O˚F.
S: Me too.
A: Do you have any idea what happened?
S: I have plenty of ideas but no actual clue as to what happened. I was standing with my head through the gate and that’s all I remember.
A: Probably a good thing.
S: Yes, a good thing.
A: If you remember, do let us know so we can keep something like this from happening again.
S: I want my babies to be safe.
A: So, you are pregnant.
S: Not necessarily. If I’m not pregnant now, I might be in the future.
A: Do you want us to bring Buckwheat back?
S: Nope.
A: Why not?
S: It’s a personal matter.
A: Do goats have personal matters?
S: Oh yes. He was young and inexperienced, wanted to mate at the most inopportune times, like in the morning when I was eating. I would like to have a tete-a-tete with an older, more experienced goat.
A: I don’t know about bringing such a goat here. You may have to go elsewhere.
S: Well, whatever you do, don’t bring Buckwheat back. And if I do have to go anywhere, I want Ranger to come with me. He was really upset last night.
A: I hear you. But everything is okay here now?
S: Yes. And thank you for being such a caring owner.

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