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March 23, 2021: Burning Daylight

I got up early this morning, odd, because it was overcast. The sun appeared as I was cleaning the horse pen. And for the first time in months, my fingers and face were not cold. As importantly, I began feeling energized. Since last November, I’d been feeling like I’d been going through the motions of being alive, doing more or less than I had to do outside during the day, and reading books in the evening. I mean, there was a decided bounce to my step.

Before breakfast, I took Tinni for a trail walk. Smart horse – I attempted to take him down the wrong trail on the walk home. He rooted himself and refused to move. I went back down trail, to the

Tinni and Shadow and Ryder

correct turn and we continued on. He just knew that the secondary trail was punchy.

After breakfast, I took Hrimmi for a road ride. Smart horse – she walked cautiously on the icy patches and trotted on the bare road. Smart horses all, I did agility with all three mares. They have the course figured out. I am now making it easier for them, by moving obstacles here and there, so that they can better negotiate the course. And I am keeping the sessions very short.

By the time I was done, it was 11:30 a.m. It would have been a great day in which to go for rides on Raudi and Tyra, but instead, as planned, I went to town and worked on the book project.

I had my work cut out for me. Fortunately, I had help. Lois and Nan cleaned, categorized, and got books ready to send to Scammon Bay and to the Alaska Family Center. And me, I sorted through the 25 or so boxes of what I am now calling “the Trapper Creek Collection.” This was a huge task, and yes, now at 10:15 p.m. I am ready to call it a day. The books, they all had destinations. Some are going to be shelved at the VCRS Book store. Some are going to be distributed in town. Some are going to the Pioneer Home, a local nursing home. Some are going to stay at the Meeting House. And some found new homes with Nan, Lois, and me.

The books I took – cartoon books. I enjoy looking at them at my leisure.

When I was about done, Pete appeared and assisted me in distributing three boxes in town. We then returned to the meeting house and there loaded the car up with books to be shredded. Bill will come and get the books that will be going to the recycling center book store. He’ll also take the books of faith.

We could use more kid’s books. Maybe more will appear at VCRS on Saturday. As it is, I am going to the Mat-Su College Library on Thursday, and there I’ll take a close look at their discards.

Spring energy. It got me through the day.

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