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March 24, 2021: More Snow on the Way

I usually don’t pay any attention to weather forecasts because quite often, they are inaccurate. And I usually don’t have something so pressing that I need to know what’s being predicted.

Every so often, it seems like the forecast is right – and this is going to be one of those times.

I went cross country skiing today with my friend Becky. We went up past Pat and Ray’s place, over the big berms, and into what I call the meadows. These are a series of meadows, separated by log and branch berms. I haven’t been able to go very far on horseback, so I was curious as to how far back the land went.

Northern lights over Alys's cabin

We were both warm heading out. Coming back, the sun disappeared and I for one began feeling chilled. I looked up, and indeed, it was becoming overcast. Dehydration and cold are linked – my deteriorating condition was proof of this. Next time, I’ll take water along.

The sun was partially obscured by the incoming cloud cover. The air began to have this distinct feel about it – it felt like a storm was on the way. This got me to wondering – are non-outdoors people cognizant of this? I think it’s a sense you develop, just from being outdoors all the time.

Later, doing agility, it was even more overcast. Pete and I were attempting to get the videos done just in case it snows for a few days, as predicted. Our attempts were pretty much a bust. Tyra was completely uncooperative – she paid no attention to the S bent poles, just blasted through them. Too bad, I thought, we hadn’t made her video early on in the day, when she was begging me to do the course with her. Raudi was somewhat uncooperative – we finally got a good video, then in the last few seconds of a brilliant round, the camera battery went dead. Hrimmi was very cooperative, so that’s one video off the list.

After, I went to clean the pen. It took a long time. It always takes a long time when twelve hours have gone by since the last pen cleaning. By now the sky was completely overcast. And it was then that it began to snow, the stuff that appears to be like frozen rain.

Pete just told me that the snow that’s now falling at 9:19 p.m. is what he called “crinkly snow”; that is, it is making noise as it hits the ground. The investigative reporter in me needs to go and check this out. No northern lights tonight.

And so, I expect to wake up tomorrow and see a couple of inches of snow on the ground and the view of distant mountains obscured by snow in the air.

I enjoyed today’s ski and horseback rides. However, I am really ready for breakup, that time when it all starts to melt and run all over the place. More snow on the way – harrmph. I’m ready for a change of seasons.

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