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March 1, 2021: The Nitty Gritty of Livestock Ownership

A memorable first day of March. In like a lion, out like a lamb. I will, at the month’s end, have a basis for comparison. I won’t forget this particular March 1, ever. Usually when it snows it stops about mid-day. The sun then either comes out or appears like a diffuse yellowish ball in the sky. Today it snowed all day, and the sky remained slate gray. At times the snow appeared in flake form, at other times, it was more sleet-like. Most of the time though, it was in between.

Last night, when I moved the chickens to their roost, I noticed that Thelma’s butt needed cleaning. I will spare you the details. She’s the smallest and the thinnest, and perhaps, I thought, was harboring an infection. My heart of course went out to her, as it does to all the animals here, when they are under any kind of duress.

Alys and Tyra near goose neck junction

This morning I brought her into the house, and Pete assisted me in tending to her. He held her and I cleaned her up. Then he brought in our small crate, the one that we use with the chickens. It already had hay in it. We put Thelma in there so as to let her butt dry – she was amazingly content. She did a few times make the “I’m laying an egg” announcement, but for the most part she remained quiet.

The dogs paid her no mind. This made me think that, yes, it is like the peaceable kingdom around here. I’d like to get one of those peaceable kingdom tee-shirts, the one of the angelic little boy with gold curls hair, surrounded by animals, one of which is a lion. At this time in my life this seems most fitting.

One of the best things of all was working on this project with Pete. His being so compassionate, particularly in assisting with a rather gross and onerous task, brought me great joy. Compassion for animals, I say, see it and applaud it.

I felt bad about having to take Thelma back outside, and in fact, I wished I could bring all the chickens inside. Maybe someday I’ll have a heated shed in which they might reside. But this is now not the case.

I cleaned the upper roost, and repeatedly checked on our pregnant female goat. It would not surprise me if she had her babies in the next twenty-four hours. This would be most appropriate, given the fact that her name is Stormy. The best part of animal ownership is getting to name the animals that are born here. I’ve been thinking that if Stormy gives birth to a female, I’ll name her Squaller. And if she has another (and it’s the loudest of the two), I will name her Holler. This would complement our place name, which is Squaller Holler.

Maybe Stormy has been holding off, waiting for me to come up with the right names. NOAA Wether – that’s what I’m going to name the male goat. Three, this is a good number, then they can all interact with one another.

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