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February 25, 2021: The Mares Weigh In, Again

Tyra: Alys, we all need to have a word with you.
Alys: I have to finish picking up poop.
Hrimmi: Let her finish.
Raudi: Yes, finish up. But don’t take off on us, like you usually do.
A: I’m hungry.
T: All you think about is eating and being eaten. Does this sound familiar?
A: I said this yesterday, about you all.
R: Frankly, we view this as an insult.
T: Actually, it’s more of a major slam.
A: What’s the difference?
H: You tell us, you who know all.
A: What’s going on here?
T: I reiterate. Yesterday you said that all we think about is eating and being eaten.

The mares in conversation

H: We all took offense because you belittled us.
A: I wish you all had read between the lines. More than anything, I was doubting my ability to communicate with you all.
H: Now why was that?
A: Because, many consider this to be anthropomorphizing.
H: What a big word. What does this mean?
A: To be presuming that animals are thinking something they are not. It’s a form of projection.
T: I know all about projection. It’s putting your wishes, hopes, dreams on another.
A: Yes. Now am I doing this?
H, T, R: Noooooooooo.
A: You think not?
T: Here you are, having a conversation with us. We’re all attentive.
R: And we are all discussing something important.
Tinni: And I am listening in.
A: Yes. I’m not making this up.
Tinni: No, you are not making this up.
R: Your self-doubt was such that we came across exclusively as prey animals.
A: You are prey animals.
T: Yes, but add to this – highly evolved prey animals.
H: With thoughts, feelings, emotions. . .
R: And desires.
A: What do you desire Raudi?
R: A dark and handsome prince, one that will sire my offspring.
A: So, you all also think a lot about sex.
T: That’s pretty much Raudi’s department.
H: Mine too!
A: Well, no offspring until we move.
R: When will this be?
A: Every single day as I return home after riding, I look over at the distant mountains and hope that someday we might move across the river, to Virginia Crawford’s old place. There is a lot more room there, enough so that your offspring would have plenty of room to exercise.
R: That’s a good thought.
T: Back to the subject at hand – Alys, I think that you need to better trust what you know.
A: But what is it that I know?
H: That we four do indeed communicate with one another on a day-to-day basis.
Tinni: And sometimes late at night.
A: This must be so or we would not be here, talking.
T: And another thing – we all are able to communicate through the use of images. You picture something and we pick up on it.
H: That’s how we learned targeting.
R: And why we are such good trail horses.
Tinni: Trail horses aren’t born, they’re made.
A: Thanks everyone, for setting me straight.
R: Dinnertime!

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