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February 26, 2021: A Conversation with Stormy and Ranger

Alys: What’s going on here?
Stormy: It’s snowing.
Ranger: We’re taking a break from eating and chewing our cud.
S: Thank you for cleaning out the pen yesterday.
R: I think you should do this every day.
A: Me too. The problem is that I get pressed for time.
R: No excuse. Just spend less time with the horses.
A: I’m now doing the bare minimum with the horses.
R: What are you doing with your time?
A: I don’t think you’d understand.
R: Try me.
A: Making sure that people get books to read.
R: You’re right. I don’t get it.
A: I’ll explain another time. My next question is for Stormy.
S: I’ll bet I know what the answer is.
A: So, when are you going to have your babies?
S: Soon. Soon enough.
R: They are all actually now quite happy where they are.
A: But they can’t stay where they are indefinitely.
S: I’ve heard you say that there’s never a good time for me to give birth.
A: Yes, I have said this.
S: Well, I want to have them where there is a good time for me to give birth.
A: How about Sunday afternoon?
S: Maybe.

Ranger ponders whether to leave the dry shed

R: What are to become of Stormy’s babies?
A: I think we’ll immediately wean them off Stormy, and make the side addition into a nursery.
S: And then I go back on the milk line?
A: That’s the plan. You have to admit, the milk line here is more desirable than the one where you came from.
S: That’s so. At the time, Suzy, my former breeder and owner, was milking two dozen goats.
A: And I milk just one.
S: There’s no wait here, that’s so.
A: Over there you were on the automatic milker.
S: I prefer a gentle hand.
R: You haven’t asked me when I am going to have my babies.
A: This is because you are not going to have babies.
R: Stranger things have happened.
S: I tried to explain to him how it all works, but he refuses to understand.
A: Well, if you refuse to understand, then you are going to be left in the dark.
R: Not really.
A: How’s that?
R: The days are getting longer.
S: I am so looking forward to hanging out on the lawn and eating the tender shoots on the birch saplings.
R: And I am looking forward to seeing the green grass and smelling the cottonwood trees.
A: Me too!
S: Oh, and hearing the sound of the birds, in the early morning.
R: Would you do us a big favor?
A: What’s that?
R: The dogs. Could you be careful and keep them secured when we are out and about?
A: Absolutely.
S: That black and white one, I don’t trust her.
R: And she’s being a bad influence on the black one.
S: A pity because the black one has such a good disposition.
A: Well, I will try and keep it this way. So, Stormy, when?
S: Be patient. When the spirit moves me.

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