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November 22, 2021: The Dark Side

It is now 2:48 p.m. and the sun is low in the sky. The sun came up over the horizon for maybe five hours, just barely. I hustled this morning, I cleaned up after and fed the horses, milked the goat, and then took all four horses on an outing. I timed it so that I was out during the warmest part of the day.

I so badly wanted to go for several rides. And because by then it was about 0˚F out, I nearly did. But then I remembered that the temperature would soon drop, and this would be bad for the horses if they sweated. They might then get chilled and develop respiratory infections. I first took Tinni out, first removing his heavy winter blanket. I then took Hrimmi, Raudi, and Tyra out.

Ryder and Shadow

I also took them for walks yesterday. They all seemed to enjoy yesterday’s and today’s outings. Not much going on in the hood, this is what I told Pete when I got back. A Department of Natural Resources vehicle was parked up near Jim’s road, not a good sign. A neighborhood kid was building a snowboard course, complete with a ramp, the two dogs down at the corner were respectively on a tether and on the front porch and barking, and I was passed by two vehicles, that is those who live down at what we call the compound.

Overall, amazingly quiet. There were so few people around because it’s cold and most can’t cut it. And here you have us, not only keeping our lowly asses warm, but also keeping the lowly asses of five chickens, four horses, three goats, and two dogs warm.

The dogs, they’ve been spending a lot of time by the woodstove. Pete took Shadow to agility on Saturday – she did very well, so he is going to do another series of six agility classes with her. Then, maybe they will enter an agility trial.

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