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November 23, 2021: Regrouping

Today, on yet another cold day, I sorted and categorized the books that Bill and Pete brought to the Meeting House on Saturday. First, we went to Turkey Red Restaurant and retrieved the books that we had on hand during the Saturday sale. I estimate that we parted company with half of what we set down on the banquet tables. I put these books on some of the tables, then brought in the new books and put them on the other tables. Then I went through them all, making sure that like books were in like boxes.

Group agility photo

Three other volunteers cleaned the kids’ books. I am not a big one for small talk, so I worked independently of them. I like listening in, every once in a while. They talk about family stuff and this week, about their Thanksgiving Day plans. I was on the outs on this one because we don’t have plans. Our families are distant and Covid still rages, so we’ll stay home.

Hopefully it will be warmer by Thursday.

My car is on vacation, isn’t moving, so right now I am dependent upon Pete for transportation here and there. So he picked me up when I was done and we filled the shelves at the Valley Hotel and Vagabond Blues. Seeing that there was room on the shelves for more books relieved my angst about being stuck with too many books, in the same way that my angst is relieved when I’m with the horses.

Dogs too. The attached photo is of Shadow, at her agility sequencing graduation. Dogs, they are happy just doing fun stuff. Humans should follow their lead.

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