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November 21, 2021: A Conversation with Raudi

The following conversation took place on a midday walk

Raudi: Where are we going?
Alys: Around the loop.
R: Again?
A: Yes, again.
R: Yes, again the same old same old.
A: Would you rather be ridden?
R: It’s too cold for that.
A: That’s right, it’s -10˚F.
R: I don’t know what you mean by -10˚F. But it’s colder than usual.
A: It’s been cold for some time, at least a week.
R: Is this why you haven’t gotten any of us out?
A: This is the main reason, yes. I don’t want any of you to break into a sweat and then have to deal with wet coats.

Alys and Raudi at the Happy Jack area in Wyoming

R: Some horses are shaved.
A: If I did a trace clip, that is shaved your front, I’d have to then blanket you.
R: Not a good option although Tinni likes his blanket.
A: He’s 32 years old – he dissipates heat more quickly. For this reason, he has to have a blanket. And what he has is good – it’s canvas, and wool lined.
R: The sun’s shining and there is some heat in that sun.
A: Those living across the river are shaded by the mountains. It’s now dark all the time over there.
R: Brrrr.
A: Yes, brrrr.
R: How come you haven’t been riding or walking us lately?
A: The weather is one thing. The book project is another. I’ve been busy getting books to people.
R: That’s what Tyra calls a double whammy.
A: Last Saturday we had a visitor, Marley.
R: Gosh, we all agreed he is a very handsome fellow.
A: More handsome than Dinni?
R: The two are equally handsome.
A: Both are geldings.
R: And we three were so disappointed. How come no one has ever brought an Icelandic stallion by here?
A: Because there are none in our immediate area.
R: I saw some once at that guy Willis’s place.
A: Yeah, he has a few.
R: They were not of interest to us three.
A: Why not?
R: Unattractive.
A: Oh.
R: Yeah, oh.
A: Well, like I’ve been telling you, if we move and get more pasturage, we’ll entertain the option of you spending time with a stud.
R: Like those ones in Colorado, at the place where they had all those well-bred horses.
A: Oh, the Snooks.
R: I’d love to go back there.
A: And I’d like to go back to Andrea Brodie’s place, where Hrimmi was conceived and let her see where she came from.
R: Are we going on a trip this summer?
A: I’m going to say yes because I don’t want to say no.
R: We all want to do a trip.
A: What about Tinni?
R: He said he’d be okay hanging out at Dr. Kaiser’s place.
A: Cept he wouldn’t get enough exercise.
R: But he’d be treated well.
A: And yes, so this is a consideration.
R: Planning is one thing, acting upon a plan is quite another.
A: Yes, truer words were never spoken.
R: Treat please
A: Here you go.
R: Thank you.
A: You’re welcome.

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