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August 27, 2021: Road Trip Coming Up

Last night and this morning were spent getting ready for tomorrow’s road trip to the Kenai Peninsula. Chief Gary, Milena, her two children, and I will spend the night at the road’s end, in Homer. My thinking is that taking the kid’s books by van is going to be a lot easier than taking them by bicycle.

I sorted the books into two categories, kids’ and young adult, and boxed them up. I put lids on a dozen boxes, and I made sure the rest of the books had flaps. As do the Friends of the Wasilla Library, I taped a piece of paper on top of each box, ours reads: Bright Lights Book Project. I worked well into the evening and finished up this a.m. by removing labels from books.

Shadow rides Tinni

It was raining hard this morning. It was like being in a tropical rain forest, except for the fact that this rain was colder than in the tropics. So it was, I told myself, a good thing that I had sealed up the boxes.

Pete and I then put the boxes in the Tundra and then transported them to the Meeting House. There we unloaded them and reloaded them into the van that we are taking on the trip. Milena’s son Orien was sitting in the van, watching a video on his cell phone and eating pepperoni pizza. He and his sister will be coming with us.

Pete and I next loaded books at the Meeting House that are going to be shredded into the Tundra, and took them to the recycling center. There we unloaded them and resumed sorting. It was a good haul, about 20 boxes or so.

We next went to the Alaska State Fair. The supposedly bad weather has kept fairgoers at the distance and today was no exception. We weren’t fighting the crowds, which was nice. However, something was amiss – I have not yet pinpointed what this might be.

Pete dropped off honey for sale at the booth. And I took the kids’ books I had on hand to the recycling center booth. I straightened up the newspaper box, and added some books to it; I then put the rest in the recycling center booth. If the next two days are good weather-wise, the books will go. If not, the books will stay where they are.

The high point of the day was spending time in the Eckert Garden, where the second box has been situated. Becky has made it a magical place – everything there is artfully done.

Came home and walked Tinni, with Shadow on his back.

So now, I must get ready for tomorrow. I’ll be up and out early.

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