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August 28, 2021: Like Clockwork

You never know how an adventure is going to go. Some would say that it isn’t an adventure unless there’s some hardship involved. Okay. There was no hardship today, so the trip to the Kenai was not an adventure. Rather, it was a good will road trip. I can live with this definition.

After several days of rain, I awoke to sunshine. A good omen. I hustled doing my chores, then had to wait a bit for never miss a meal Pete to make and serve breakfast. It does not matter if he or I am heading out, he makes and eats three meals a day as a matter of routine.

Delivering books and emergency supplies at the Kenai tribal office

So yeah, I got out and on the road 15 minutes later than expected. And I again had to wait a while for the road construction crew to let me through. Grr, grr, grr.

I got to our meeting site – Milena and her two kids showed up shortly thereafter. We drove to a nearby tribal house – Chief Gary Harrison was late. As I was to learn, Chief Gary (as he is called) does not adhere to a strict, time-related schedule. He may prioritize, but minimally. I was okay with this because I didn’t have to be anywhere. And I was right in thinking that the emergency supplies and books would get where they were going. Milena had, the day before, gotten assistance in loading up the big white cargo van.

Chief Gary made calls to friends who both provided information as to where the goods should go, and provided additional contact information. We ended up dropping off one portion of our load at a tribal council warehouse in the Kenai, and another portion at a tribal council office in Ninilchik. The rest was destined for Seldovia – tomorrow we will take the rest of our load to the ferry dock in Homer.

I started out riding in the back seat, with an eight-year-old and a two-year old. I had books with me, and a few horse toys for the two-year old. I’d also brought along honey for Milena and Gary. I parted with my presents a bit too soon – the baby soon grew restless. So Milena, who was in the front seat, took the back seat.

I rode shotgun next to Chief Gary. He was a quiet individual. So as to fill airtime, I asked him a lot of questions. He answered some and ignored others. I sensed that being a chief, that he was preoccupied with tribal matters.

We made really good time. Finally, we arrived at our final destination, the Land’s End Resort in Homer. The hotel is upscale. Milena had called and attempted to make dinner reservations but been told that there were no available tables. As she was checking in, Chief Gary went over to the restaurant area, and moments later came up to us with a smug look on his face. He explained that he’d gotten us a table. I had halibut for dinner.

Dinner, with a view of the ocean, was excellent. Our room (that is that of Milena and I and the kids) had a view of the beach. Like I said, everything on this particular day, went according to plan. So there was no hardship.

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