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March 9, 2020: More Snow

It snowed all day. It may snow all night. It may snow all day tomorrow. I don’t have any idea when it might end because our weather radio isn’t working. All we get is the sound of static – the sound that snow makes when it falls. This is what animals that have good ears actually hear. Must drive them nuts. Then again, they might see this sound as being music to their ears.

I am quite fond of the guys who live in the weather radio. They take shifts and read off the paper that comes through on the teleprompter. The meteorologists send them this information. They work in shifts and have very erratic schedules.

There are no female weather readers. This is because it’s a male-dominated activity.

Snow on the barn

This is too bad, but then again, the schedule is not conducive to having any kind of family life.

I don’t know what the pay is. I hope it’s good because the weather boys are providing a very valuable service. They also are amazingly accurate. If they say a storm is coming, they are usually on the mark. And they who read off the weather advisory reports have just the right amount of urgency in their voices.

In the meantime, on the home front, I spent considerable time sitting on the kitchen stairs, looking out the window and watching the snow fall. Then I braved the elements and took three of the four horses and the dog for a walk.

Few who profess to live around here have stuck around this winter. Alas, our motorhead neighbors have appeared with snowmobiles in tow. However, they have not stayed here. And down on the corner, our neighbors seem to be toughing it out; although their wood pile (a load of green logs, delivered in November) is buried under a few feet of snow.

I noticed today that those who plow regularly have slacked off. Either 1, the guys are getting tired of doing this, or 2, all believe that we are in the midst of yet another freak storm and it will be soon be followed by a freak warming spell.

Pete was nice enough to get out today and plow the Playground of Higher Learning out. Me, I don’t foresee the weather changing any time soon, and so I think that I won’t be doing agility this month. We’ll see.

We did brave the elements and go to the recycling center this evening. Pete attended a board meeting and I worked down in the catty combs. More and more now, I come across a book and know exactly where it should go. This is a very good feeling. I figure that in the next month or so, this will become routine. I sure hope so. I have other things that need doing. And come spring, I am going to want to spend more time with my equine friends.

I do have to decide if I am going to finish my EMT training. Right now I’m thinking no because I have not given the material any thought at all. And the prospect of again studying like I did before does not appeal to me.

We’ll see. I don’t have to decide until next week.

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