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March 10, 2020: A Conversation with Tinni

Spring is in the air. Or at least we now have the illusion of spring. What with daylight savings time it is now light out until 8:30 p.m. This means that I can return to my old schedule and write in the mornings and get the horses out in the afternoon and evenings. Tonight, after coming home from the recycling center, I cleaned the pen and first took Hrimmi and Tinni out and then took Raudi and Tyra out. I had conversations with them all. The best conversation was with Tinni.

Alys: Yesterday it snowed pretty hard. Today the sun’s been shining.
Tinni: Yes. Today I could, as you say, feel heat in that sun.
A: I’m sorry that I didn’t get you out earlier. I wanted to.

sub zero temperatures don't slow this guy down
Sub zero temperatures don't slow this guy down

T: That’s okay. You’re getting us all out now.
A: That’s right. Temperature seems to be dropping.
T: But its not going to be as cold as it’s been.
A: Long winter, dude.
T: Long winter. Glad to have my own paddock.
A: Do you lie down in your straw bedding?
T: All the time.
A: Do you ever get bored?
T: Bored with what?
A: Bored, you know, when you’re standing around say, for long periods of time in your paddock.
T: I don’t get bored. The mares, who are right on the other side of the gate and I have some amazing conversations.
A: About what?
T: Just about everything.
A: Weather included?
T: Weather included. Tyra, that one, she’s a thinker. She asked me today if the earth revolved around the sun or if the sun revolved around the earth.
A: And what did you tell her?
T: To ask you for the answer.
A: She hasn’t yet asked me this question.
T: She has a good mind but a short attention span.
A: It’ll lengthen when it gets older.
T: And Hrimmi, she’s a worrier.
A: What’s she worrying about now?
T: The snow is so high. She asked me if I thought that a moose might step over the fence into the yard.
A: What did you tell her?
T: To ask you for the answer.
A: She has not yet asked me this question.
T: She most likely moved on to worrying about the next thing.
A: She’ll gain in confidence as she matures.
T: And that Raudi, she’s a control freak.
A: What’s she attempting to control now?
T: You know, in the mornings, she has to be the first one out of the gate. Well, she starts edging over in that direction before dawn. Today she asked me when I thought you might be coming out to tend to us.
A: What did you tell her?
T: That it was your call and not hers.
A: She never indicated to me that this was an issue.
T: She was by then focusing on lining herself up so she would be the first one out of the gate.
A: And that’s what she did.
T: So see? There’s never a dull moment around here. There is always something to converse about with what you call, the hoard.
A: Yes, you are right.
T: And tomorrow we’ll all be talking about . . .
A: How spring is in the air!

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