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February 6, 2020: Obsession

I have been fortunate in that I, who am a very obsessive person, have not ever been derailed in my attempts to maintain focus on those things of interest to me.

Horses – as a child, I was obsessed. I wasn’t so obsessed in my middle years, but then the obsession resurfaced. Right now I have four wonderful ponies, and though it takes considerable time, money, and energy to keep them fit and happy, I remain obsessed.

Bicycling – I took to bicycling at an early age. I bicycled cross country twice. I loved every minute of both trips. I am not doing much bicycling now, but if time permits, I know that I will again be obsessed as I was before.

Alys Reading

Writing – this also has been a lifelong activity. It actually has gotten easier to write but of course harder to find the time to do this, especially lately. My writing daily dispatches at least keeps the obsessive fires burning.

Reading – another activity that began when I was a child. My parents were readers, and I imitated them. I think they also instilled in me a love for stories and storytelling. My dad, in particular, kept my attention with his stories. I must, at some point, have figured out that in reading I could, on my own, have access to stories and consequently the same sense of self-satisfaction.

Books – books have always been the source of stories. My mother did at times attempt to monitor what I read – for a while she decreed that comic books were off limits. I just went back to reading books until the ban was lifted.

Movement – I love being on the move. Always have, always will. This morning Pete and I got out and walked the horses before heading to our, ahem, respective jobs. The air smelled good. The temperature was in the twenties. The cloud cover was such that sun’s rays penetrated it.

I think that I have always, without even realizing it, insisted on being obsessive. This could be because we are not talking about passing interests, but rather full-blown obsessions. Those around me must have realized that it would take more energy than it was worth to get me to toe the line. In other words, I’ve pretty much been left alone.

I readily concede that I’m most likely autistic and have Asperger’s Syndrome. It does seem odd to me, but it is a truism that those who toe the line and lead conventional lives are the ones in our society who are considered “normal.” And those who don’t toe the lines and lead unconventional lives are considered “abnormal.” Why is this? I haven’t a clue.

I do know that obsessive people are the movers and the shakers; that is, they are the ones who get things done. Take sports – the best baseball, tennis, football, soccer, rugby, and basket players are those who are most dedicated to their sport. And ,of course, they too have people who support their endeavors.

I would not have had my life been any other way.

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