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February 7, 2020: Good tired and Bad Tired

I am now going to compare my idea to one Aristotle came up with. He was at a decided advantage because back then not much was known about anything. He could speculate about anything, knowing he was the first. Me, I’m at the tail end of civilization if you believe, as I do, that we are on the verge of the end times.

Aristotle said that there is short-term and long-term happiness. You can be happy about something that is immediate, such as having your meal set before you, or you can just generally be a happy person. He had terms for these two types of happiness, but I don’t recall right now what they might be. (Check out https://www.pursuit-of-happiness.org/)

Alys tired
Alys tired

Today I got to thinking that there is good tired and there is bad tired. Good tired is when you’ve put in a full day’s work, doing what you love doing, and consequently, at the day’s end you’re physically and mentally drained. For instance, a mechanic may have spent the day working on cars, or an accountant may have spent the day figuring out taxes. Bad tired comes about when you do very little, and consequently at the day’s end you’re mentally and physically drained. For instance, a traveler may have spent the day at the airport, waiting for their flight to arrive. Or a patient may have spent the day in the emergency room, waiting to get assessment and treated.

Me, today I am good tired. I took Tinni and Hrimmi for a walk around the loop this morning. Pete and I spent the morning around the place, taking care of animal chores. Then we went to town and conducted book project business. We lined up a group for next week’s sale and got a local restaurant owner to agree to have a box with free books in her place of business.

At work itself, I worked at warp speed, sorting, cleaning up the bookstore, talking with my friend Sarah who came in to get 10 boxes of books for her school. Then I came home and with Pete took Tyra and Raudi for an evening walk.

Yes, I am feeling a good tired because it was a day full of mental and physical activity.

I will work on my grant proposal this evening and then take care of the horses before retiring. I have noticed that even when I’m good tired, it is much harder to get anything done at the day’s end. It becomes like moving in slow motion, like wading through mud, like walking across the bottom of a pool with chest-deep water.

I suspect that others who feel this way succumb to this in the evening and just kick back and relax. They may watch television or play computer games. Me, I got things to do, so I just accept the fact that whatever needs to be done will require more effort.

I wonder if Aristotle felt good or bad tired at the day’s end. Most likely, it was one or the other. However, he did not write about this. Ahh haa, I am the first. I am now going down in history as the one who further defined good and bad tired.

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