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December 18, 2020: The White Highway, Revisited

The white highway is again operational. And everyone and their brother seems to be spending time out there. The denizens include snowmobilers, trappers, bicyclists, cross-country skiers, tree killers, and people out exercising their dogs.

Today we joined the melee. And actually, we saw a lone cross-country skier and a Burmese Mountain Dog loping through the snow. I would not have been out there except for the fact that I wanted to accompany Pete on his first ride on his new fat-tired bicycle. He rode his bicycle and I rode mine.

Pete’s been riding his regular mountain bike on the trails for some time. He’s done amazingly well considering that this

Bikes have changed a lot since Alys did the Iditabike in 1989

bicycle is not designed for snow travel. He has even been riding with clipless pedals. I never once heard him say that he wished he had a winter bicycle. And in fact, I had to talk him into getting this one. It was a tough sell because it was expensive. But there you have it, a beautiful cherry red bicycle with top-of-the-line components.

I named it Arroyo Boring Alys. I considered naming it Aurora Borealis but this bicycle does not seem to be a female. It’s a guy’s bicycle, stout and built to last. Pete is going to call it Roy for short, as in Roy Rogers. I say, happy trails to you.

I didn’t have as good a ride as he had. The light was flat, it was just gray on gray out there. I couldn’t see where I was going all that easily. I kept hitting soft patches of snow and falling over. I felt like I was a character in a Monty Python skit. I’m also out of shape, so I am going to bicycle more this winter, divvying up my time between the four-footed animals and the two wheeled machine. Even going out today was a tough call – as we were heading out the horses all stood at the driveway end of the enclosure and watched us depart.

When finally, we got back home, I ate lunch and headed out for the trails. I walked Tinni and Ryder and Shadow rode on Tinni’s back to the trailhead. Then I let both dogs off leash. We hiked our trails. The bilers have cut huge swaths through the areas adjacent to our horse trails but thus far have stayed off our trails. Fingers are crossed that this continues.

It was a lovely walk. Shadow and Ryder are now friends and they run around companionably. Shadow at times makes huge rabbit-like bounds, up and over mounds of snow. Way fun for Tinni and me, who enjoy observing the show.

I turned my headlight on midway through my walk. The snowflakes appeared to be coming at me. It was like doing acid. I obviously don’t need those kinds of drugs here.

And so, we are a stone’s throw from the winter solstice, my favorite day of the year because then, the days will finally be getting longer.

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