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December 19, 2020: Bright Lights at the Darkest Time of the Year

For some time, you have been laying low and doing things other than sorting, categorizing, distributing, and publicizing books. Your hope was that, in time, the headwinds you encountered would become tailwinds. Such thinking, you have been told, is a sign of wisdom. And wisdom is a sign of age. Interesting, that those who possess wisdom at an early age are considered to be precocious. This is not so of those who have been around the, ahem, bookstore a few times.

Nevertheless, you did lay low. And the winds indeed are shifting. After exhausting all possible storage options at VCRS, some including refurbishing a CONEX and building a shed in the book distribution area, Pete suggested contacting Sarah Welton, the Pastor of the Church of the Covenant/Meeting House.

Inside cover of Boone And Crockett Club / Records of North American Big Game 1964


The fifth-generation pastor is busy these days, but she was receptive to your query, one in which you asked if she might have space available for books. You added that the intended space would not be used for library purposes, but rather, for sorting, categorizing, distribution, and storage.

So today you went and met with Sarah and took a look at the available space. You were born with a real intuitive sense, and with this has come a “feel” upon entering rooms. Some spaces have for lack of, for better words, a good vibe, and others, well, it’s best to exit the area as quickly as possible. The Meeting Room Spaces felt good to you. And additionally, both you and Pete saw that it had possibilities far beyond the original intention, which for now is storage and distribution. Perhaps, you both thought, you might in time have reading groups and literacy classes.

There is, on site, a real theological library. Someone once took the time to sort and categorize books, putting them in order. They even have library of Congress numbers on them. It was obviously set up by someone who had done this kind of thing before.

It’s easy to have a vision. For good or bad, Saints have been canonized for having visions. Look at what happened to Joan of Arc. But it is much harder to act upon the less visual and more idea-based visions. That’s what you are now up against. The thought occurred to you on the drive home that this is going to be a lot of work and take a lot of time. And there are first, only so many hours in the day and so many days left of your life. But this is something that must be done, and soon.

So, on Tuesday you will return to VCRS and see what is left in terms of the inventory. Your plan is to first get the kid’s books because they’ll be easy to distribute. Then, after that, go by category, maybe Westerns next. And after that, curriculum books.

Pete, for now, is going to continue to work on getting books up on E-Bay. In time, you will learn how to post the books yourself.

Yes, the Bright Lights may again soon shine brightly.

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