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December 16, 2020: Wheels Keep Turning

It was an ideas day this morning; however, my rather fleeting ideas soon dissipated, to never again materialize. This statement is a reminder – I must at least write them down. Then I will have a notebook full of ideas.

The day wasn’t a total loss. Woke up to a light dusting of snow. And huge flakes were falling from the sky – it reminded me of those small glass globes we had as kids – you shook them and snow, small white particles would slowly descend to the base. Every year, we’d find yet another in in our Christmas stockings. I don’t know what became of them. I also don’t know what became of the family holiday ornaments. Hmm, it sounds here like I am waxing nostalgic.

More agiligy stuff

I got outside right after breakfast and let the horses out. Tyra followed me to the Playground of Higher Learning and assisted me in putting away the holiday obstacle decorations. Perhaps she knew that I felt bad about putting them back in storage. It just seemed a little soon. However, we were done making videos, and it was snowing, and so I figured that it was best to return them to storage.

Tyra lacks thumbs, so she can only be of so much help. I finally put a gasoline container in a five-gallon bucket, one filled with hay pellets, and she then contented herself by attempting to get the container out of the bucket, and the treats out of the container. This took a while.

I finished up and then did some targeting work with Tyra – I tied a balloon on a lunge line and had her chase it. I then put some balloons in the rubber feed container and let her pop them. I say let her pop them because she was eager to do this. This actually was one of my ideas – I want to make a video of her targeting on the balloons.

None of the horses got out today because in the afternoon Pete and I went bicycle shopping. I encouraged him to purchase a fat-tired bicycle because he seldom spends money on himself. Rather, most of what extra he has made in recent years has been spent on the ponies. As I said, he hasn’t flinched on spending a couple of thousand each year on hay; however, the purchase of a bicycle has given him reason to pause.

Pete did some consumer-related research, and after this we headed to Palmer. The owner of Backcountry Bicycles in Palmer told us that there are currently no fat-tired bicycles for sale right now in the area, so we next went to Wasilla. There, he purchased a cherry red fat-tired bicycle, one that’s the same color as his Ford 350 pick-up and his new Subaru.

The fellow who assisted us could not have been more than 25 years old. He was a wonderful, intelligent, articulate fast talking gentleman, very enthusiastic and outgoing. It was a joy doing business with him. And it just seemed right to purchase the bicycle from his family’s shop.

So yes, around here, the wheels just keep turning. Dang, we have to wait until tomorrow night to pick up the bicycle – so the wheels are now slowing down a bit.

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