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December 17, 2020: A Conversation with Tinni: Why Winter Weather?

Alys: Tinni, it sure is cold today.
Tinni: It would seem warmer but the wind is rather chilling.
A: Do you want me to blanket you?
T: No. I would like it if we get on with it. It’s colder and windier up here by the cabin.
A: Be patient. We have to get a photo of you and Shadow.
T: Another photo?
A: Yes. See? I got my car license.
T: Very nice.
A: It reads DGNPNY.
T: This means?
A: Dog and pony.
T: Oh oh, here comes Shadow.
A: Yes, I want to get a photo of her on your back.
T: She rather likes being up there.
A: Yes, she does. She claims that she can see more than she can from down below. And it feels safer.
T: And she knows that I’ll watch out for her.
A: You do a good job of that.
T: Hrimmi also does a good job.
A: I haven’t put her on Raudi or Tyra.
T: There’s no need for that. We have Shadow covered.

A: Tinni, if you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you like to live?
T: Iceland.
A: Why is that?
T: It’s where I’m from. I have good memories of my early life there.
A: It’s the law, horses from Iceland can never return.
T: I think this is a really stupid law. I never wanted to leave in the first place.
A: But they put you on a cargo plane and flew you across the ocean. You spent some time in quarantine in New York, and then were trailered to Canada. Then you were trailered to Alaska.
T: It was a very long trip.
A: What most surprised you about Alaska?
T: That it was so much like Iceland. Cold and windy for starters. But everyone spoke a different language.
A: How about the way you were handled?
T: It wasn’t too much different than here. I was here, like there, expected to stay out of everyone’s space and to mind my manners.
A: You are speaking specifically about Anchorage, right?
T: Yes. Here, with you, things have been far different.
A: How so?
T: You aren’t as firm as my Icelandic handlers. The mares, they get away with a great deal.
A: Is that so?
T: It is so. But even though they’re spoiled, they all love you.
A: Do they respect me?
T: You would have to ask them this.
A: And do you respect me?
T: Yes. You do what you think is best for me. I get my share of food, water, and exercise. And you put a blanket on me when it’s cold.
A: Is there anything we could do differently?
T: I often wish that I had more space to move around in.
A: Your gate is usually open so you can come and go in the yard as you please.
T: For this, I am grateful.
A: Shadow is up on your back. Shall we now go for a walk?
T: Yes. Let’s do Siggi’s loop.
A: Will do.

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