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February 2, 2020: A Day on the Homefront

My creation and further involvement with the Bright Lights Book Project has meant that I have spent a lot of time off-site (here) and on-site (at VCRS). I have enjoyed the work and also watching the book project prosper and grow. But I also enjoy being at home. I am working at it but have yet to find a much-needed balance.

So this morning, I made a lengthy list of things to do. I prioritized and put my own work first. This included doing my body awareness work, finishing the last chapter of If Wishes were Horses, and doing some pre-trip planning. I put my project work second.

The orchard sleeps
The orchard sleeps

It took some doing, putting the project work last and doing my work first. But I did do my work first. It felt good to lay down in the living room on my gymnasium mat and listen to my self-made Feldenkrais tapes. The last time I did this was last April. And additionally, my book is close to done. I need to finish writing the epilogue and put in salient details, some of which are still missing.

After, I got the horses out. It was fun and necessary, reconnecting with them. This is going to become increasingly more possible now that we are gaining about seven minutes (count ‘em seven) minutes of daylight a day.

I worked on publicity end of the book project today by contacting the editors of all the local papers. I also took care of some other nitpicky administrativa. I am learning that figuring out what tasks to delegate to whom takes up almost as much time as doing them oneself.

Tomorrow it is going to be déjà vu all over again because I am going to do pretty much the same thing, I did today, and in the same order. I do not have much more to do right now on the book project front. I have some distribution calls to make, but that’s about it.

Unfortunately, the ideas keep surfacing. I am now thinking about having what I am going to call a megasort day, that is one in which the James brings five or so warehouse Gaylords into the sorting area, and those in attendance sort to their heart’s content. This would put a hurting on the inventory in the warehouse.

If I envision it, this will come to be. I have to be careful because this is a form of power tripping. Politicians do it all the time, and with disastrous consequences. They mean well, but they end up tripping over their own egos. It’s a good way to get injured. Still, this is a great idea. I can get kids involved. They can categorize the books that the sorters toss in the wagons.

If we get all the inventory in the warehouse sorted, we’ll then be able to deal with what comes in on a daily basis. I for one will then feel less overwhelmed by the magnitude of this endeavor.

I am fortunate in that I can do the computer work at home. Most people don’t have this option.

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