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February 3, 2020: Ideas Day: Let’s go with Megasort Saturday

What I like most right now about my involvement is that as a volunteer, I make my own hours. I’m at VCRS when I need or want to be there, not because I have to be there. A 9 to 5 job would put a real crimp on my style.

What I most need and what I now have is time to think things out. I think things out as I walk, ride, and tend to the horses. My ideas then evolve over the course of a day.

I also like the peripatetic nature of my job. I’m not tethered to a computer when I’m at VCRS – rather, I’m all over the place, doing what I think needs to be done. The Sophists – they were peripatetic – they taught their students when they were on the move. I envision them, walking fast as they were bouncing ideas off of one

Carla & Alys

another, and walking slowly as they were figuring things out.

At home, I am on the computer a lot. However, I am free to leave it and head outside if I feel so inclined. And if I don’t feel like answering the phone, I don’t.

This sort of lifestyle lends itself to ideas days. Ideas do continue to come and go. The best of them evolve and become reality, usually after they’re shared with someone.

I am really excited about my latest idea, which is now in mid-evolution. I want to organize a series of what I’m calling a megasort Saturdays. On these days, which will be on the first of each month, we’ll have three groups of sorters, each with three people in each group. They will sort, under guidance, Pete, Bill S, and me being the team leaders. The goal will be to empty a Gaylord or two and get the saved books into smaller boxes.

The issue of measuring poundage is now being weighed by the powers that be. (No pun intended there). Each Gaylord will be weighed prior to the sorters having at them. The books will be weighed as the smaller boxes fill up. We will then subtract the weight of the boxes from the weight of the Gaylord – this will then give us a mixed paper and a salvaged book rate. The group that has the highest salvage book poundage at the end of the designated sorting time will be the winners.

I have considered this – some might argue that the sorters will start chucking salvageable books into the boxes, so that they come out ahead weight wise. This is where the team leaders come into play. We will check and make sure all the books that are deemed worth saving, are worth saving. If they are not, we will reserve the right to send them on to the shredders.

I got a call from a former student of mine today. Gary is writing a three-part article for the Mat-Su College Monitor. I have been thinking we can get the library staff to participate. He is now thinking that he can get three college teams together, maybe from the library and from the recycling club.

If he can’t do this, I will get local librarians on board with this portion of the project.

This is my idea. I am thinking that Megasorts will take place on the first Saturday of each month, with the first one being on Saturday, March 8, 2020. I will then be home from my trip. The bookstore opening is going to be on February 15th. The time lag will provide VCRS staff and volunteers with a much-needed break.

This is as far as I’ve gotten with this idea. It will be interesting to see what others think about it.

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