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October 18, 2020: The Stuff Dreams are Made of

That’s a line from Shakespeare. Sometime I would like to read a few of his plays, and then go see them. It doesn’t do much good to see the plays before reading them because they are hard to follow. I like his soliloquies; they are very poetic.

I often think that it’s too bad that good dreams aren’t real. And then I often think that it’s good that bad dreams aren’t real. The way it is, with no dreams being real at all is a good thing because this way things stay balanced.

Some days are like good dreams and some are like bad dreams. Today was like a bad dream. Tomorrow, I think, will be a better day.

Woke to a dusting of wet, heavy snow on the ground. Like everyone else, I thought that it would disappear by mid-morning, but it did not. It just kept coming. It was sort of pretty and it did brighten things up, but minimally.

Last night I discovered that Tinni has the runs. This morning, I noticed the same. I cleaned up after him and put a rain blanket on him and took him for a walk. Then I cleaned his soiled butt with warm water. I think that sometimes, just tending to animals, who are like people, cheers them up.

Today was lesson day. Pete gave me a ride to Saddle Up arena. A few cars had skidded off the road. Saw a pro-Trump sign at the edge of one of the driveways. It reminded me that we live in a red state and the majority right now are in favor of his re-election. How, I wondered, can people be so blind?

It’s tough because I generally arrive at the Saddle Up arena at 11:30 a.m. and give one lesson. Then there is a time lag before the second lesson. So I am there until 3 or 4 p.m. The lesson day started out with a misunderstanding on the part of one of the equine owners and me. She was using equipment that I felt both caused the animal some pain and in the long run would not solve the problem. Ismee puts her tongue over the bit and she’s frustrated because she’s spent two years attempting to solve this problem.

We had a heated discussion, with her seeing my point of view, that there were alternatives. This discussion, it just took the wind out of my already down sails.

She went home, and I met with the one other student an hour later. The third student bowed out. In the meantime, I walked around, inside and outside the arena, just attempting to keep warm. My hiking shoes, they are waterproof, but not insulated.

It was a good session, mostly discussion-related. I did a few breathing exercises with her, and other body awareness work.

What has me discouraged is that my best horsey friends are being mum about the current political situation. I suspect that history is repeating itself, and this is what happened in Germany during WW II. I don’t think that what’s going on now is a two-sided issue – rather, it is very one-sided and those paying the price are women, lower income individuals, and minorities.

Well, we will just continue to talk horses.

Came home, cleaned the horse pen, and took Tinni for a walk. Two dogs walking their owners passed me twice. At least they had them on leashes. It made me think of children who are raised by astute parents versus those who are not.

Tomorrow will be a better day. I am already looking forward to it.

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