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September 19, 2020: Ruth, Bader, and Ginsberg

Today my friend Heather came over with a dog crate containing three chickens who I promptly named Ruth, Bader, and Ginsberg. They are (I think) Buff Orpingtons, I need to find out. They are in very good health, and not that old. I don’t know if they’ve even laid their first clutch of eggs.

I was concerned as to how Thelma and Louis, two older birds, would take to having three new pen mates. I first had them out in Buckwheat’s pen, but later I moved them back into their regular pen, where I’d previously released Ruth, Bader, and Ginsberg. I have never before seen chickens adjust so well to being in one another’s company. Thelma and Louise took to their perch, and this evening I noticed that Ruth ad joined them. The other

The five Birds: Thelma, LouiseRuth, Bader, and Ginsberg

h two newcomers were hanging out on the stairway to heaven, the ramp that leads to the upper box.

Pete spent considerable time this morning, revamping the box in the upper shed. Now, should it get cold, all can huddle together.

Now about the names. For me, this was a no-brainer. Ruth Bader Ginsberg was an ardent feminist and a remarkable Supreme Court Justice. Her death is a huge loss for those who champion women and human rights. I, myself, feel deeply affected by her death.

Now the Republicans are working hard to fill the vacancy. They won’t wait six weeks, until after the next election. They want a conservative ass wiper in there, and they want her in there now.

I named the chickens the way I did because I needed to find a way of honoring the memory of this most amazing woman. It is not that I have named the chickens after someone who is deceased, but rather, after an individual who should be remembered in as many ways and in as many circles as possible.

For example, my dear friend Heather is very apolitical. I don’t know whether it is she has no interest in politics, has embraced the right wing point of view, or is confused. Our discussions usually center around horse-related issues. Heather remained mum when I told her what I’d named the chickens. But my repeating Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s name, in of course the context of these three lovely chickens, did, I am sure, resonate with her. I mentioned it to her – so maybe she will now go and watch the video/documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s life and legacy.

I’ll be talking with others in passing, this is what we animal owners do – and I will say “I got three chickens and I named them Ruth, Bader, and Ginsberg.” Undoubtedly, in the case of those who are not apolitical, a conversation touching on the life of the actual Ruth Bader Ginsberg will take place. This is what I want for to happen.

If I could bring one person back from the dead, Ruth Bader Ginsberg would be it. I can’t. I can (as they say) be the change by doing as others are going to do and keep her memory alive.

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