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September 20, 2020: Shadow’s Dog Blog

I’m just checking in with you all, and letting you all know how it’s going.  I do have a routine but just the same, every day is different around here. 

I’ve now got some size on me --- wasn’t so long ago that I could be held in one hand.  Now it takes considerable effort to hold me in two arms.  Alys tries but she can’t get me in the crate.  I am making it known that I am going into it when I’m good and ready.

Alys and Pete had a heated discussion about the upper area – Alys was lobbying for an herb garden, and wanted it to be extended into the yard.  When she proposed this to Pete a look of disbelief

Alys split some wood

crossed his face.  Right then, Alys knew that Pete had an alternative plan and was going to stick to that plan.  Alys gave in because she knew that resistance was futile.

After breakfast I hung out with Alys who was stacking wood in the woodshed.  It was a lot of fun, me grabbing at sticks and racing around with them.  I felt like I was helping out.  I also felt like I was helping out when she next cleaned the outhouse.  She had the broom, I grabbed a hold of it and she pulled me around the yard.

I generally don’t go in the outhouse – human poop stinks, but once Alys was done I went inside and checked it out.  She did a good job cleaning up although she put the toilet paper on a shelf that’s too high for me to reach.  Darn, I love to unroll and chew on toilet paper.  It hardly seems fair that she would put the rolls out of reach.  After all, she has plenty of them on hand.
Alys cleaned the horse pen and Pete cleaned out the hayshed.  I’m not allowed in there because both Alys and Pete fear that I might get stomped on or kicked by one of the ponies.  Ryder has told me several times about getting kicked in the face by Hrimmi – her story is enough to make me proceed with caution around the horses.

My best horse friend is Tinni – he moves slowly and carefully.  He isn’t a big talker but he will let me know when the mares are getting too close.  Yesterday Alys put me on his back again; this time we walked up the driveway, to the cabin.  I’m now able to maintain my balance so I’m not as worried about falling off. Plus Tinni stops quite often, for treats. I get treats too.  Alys has told me that I need to be able to ride up on a horses’ back because if we do a trip and have to cross a creek, either she or Pete will be able to carry me on the front part of the saddle.
Lastly, Alys and Pete’s friend Karen came over and we all hung out on the front porch.  I am learning to be calm around visitors but I don’t see much sense in this. It is what Pete and Alys want me to do, so as always I am continuing to go along with the program.

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