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August 5, 2020: The Inertia of my Spirit

Sometimes, like today, my soul goes on strike. It simply refuses to be a motivating force in my life. This is so seldom that I don’t know how to deal when this occurs. It is called malaise. I hope that it does not last. It won’t if I have anything to say about it.

Stood at the computer and didn’t get any writing done. Did end up writing a letter. I then went outside and cleaned up the Playground of Higher Learning, then set up the August agility course.

Had a great lunch – Pete made salmon sandwiches – the fish was that which he caught fresh, a week ago. Way better than tuna fish, which in comparison tastes like cat food. I don’t like cat food, the smell of it makes me want to throw

Alys and Tyra in a blueberry patch

up. And I feel the same about kitty litter. If I had a cat, I would name her Kitty Litter.

We then went to meet with Zach, our veterinarian, because Ryder has a weepy eye. It’s pussy and partially closed. We met with Zach in the local high school parking lot. This, in our minds, was preferable to going to a clinic, with its closed in waiting and examination rooms, and those interminable waits. Rainbow used to hate such places – I’d have to drag her inside.

Zach took a look at her teeth and said that one might be fractured. I totally empathized. Then Ryder walked up into his mobile unit where Zach then took a closer look at her eye. It wasn’t scratched. We are to put Triple Antibiotic ointment under the lid, 3-4 times a day for the next few days.

I held on to Shadow who hung out in the van. She was given vaccines and examined – she now weighs a whopping 19.5 pounds. Ryder weighs twice as much – Shadow will catch up.

We talked with Zach for a long, long time, then parted company. After, we dropped off some of Pete’s bagels at a friend’s place, and came home. I talked about the Icelandic horse market with my friend Terri, then talked with my friend Heather about her companion horse having laminitis.

Pete and I have a new game. It’s called name that tune. One of us whistles a tune and the other has to guess what it is. Way fun.

After dinner I got out and did some agility with the mares. We are going to kick butt this month because the course lends itself to my using targets.

Lastly, Pete and I took Shadow, Ryder, and Tinni for a walk around the neighborhood loop. Pete now has Shadow heeling nicely.

Tomorrow, I will again attempt to reclaim my old work schedule, writing in the mornings and riding in the afternoons. I hope, then, that today was just a blip on the EKG of life. I hate ending the day thinking that I did nothing of any importance, particularly on days like today when the sun’s shining and there is a slight breeze.

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