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August 6, 2020: The Dog and Pony Show

This is the most apt title that I have ever given any dispatch. Around here, it is now truly a dog and pony show. I am their home entertainment center. Today is an excellent example. Ponies begin banging on the gate, wanting food at 8 a.m. Dog begins banging on her bowl, wanting the same. I hustle, feed them all, and as well the chickens and goats. I also clean up poop.

Before breakfast, I play with Shadow, one of her favorite games is chase numerous tennis balls around the living room. After breakfast, I take Shadow for a walk with Tinni, on our trails. I also put her on Tinni’s back. He actually stands still for this.

Shadow on Tinni's back

Before lunch, I take Shadow down to the Playground of Higher Learning and do some agility work with her – I have her jump up on a platform, go under the platform, weave around cones, and chase the vegetable oil containers, which are tied together with twine. Around one I get the three other ponies out – I do agility with each, and then go for a ride on our trails. They seem appreciative and I think they were glad to get out.

Before dinner I have Shadow jump on the picnic table, then I have Tinni stand next to the picnic table. Tinni is very patient with skeptical Shadow. After, we went for a walk around the loop. Now we have a bit of a problem. New neighbors at the far end of the upper road. They have big dogs. It used to be so quiet going by there. Now, it’s not so quiet. I think I’m going to stick to doing woods walks for now.

I am glad we got a puppy – it’s fun seeing her learn new things. I talked with my sister today – she is getting a rescue dog on Sunday. The terrier is from southern California, where apparently, there are now a lot of fires going on. Sally was a stray. The dog will be dropped off, along with others, in a parking lot in Portland.

I wish I was going to be there. This would be fun to see.

The fact that the dog is named Sally gave me reason to pause. This is the name of our deceased mother. Now, if this were written into a fictional account, the author would be told that it’s too obvious.

But it did get me thinking – my mother could have come back as a dog, so as to keep Eleanor company. This is not beyond the realm of possibility. At least the dog is not named Gray Baby. This was the name of my mother’s cat, the one that El inherited. El does not need more dissension in her life.

Interesting, El is going the rescue route and we just went the new puppy from a breeder route. All a rescue dog has to do is be a good companion. A new puppy from a breeder has to be a good companion, and often, an accompanying job. For instance, Shadow is going to be a trail dog. I might also do agility with her, as I have done with the horses. So here, it really is a dog and pony show.

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