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June 14, 2020: The Dog Blog: Ryder has her Say

I decided that it was time for me to take a step forward and let you all know what’s going on around here. I did, a while back, write a dog blog or two (I dictate them to Alys). Now it’s time for another. Alys wanted to write about a conversation that she had with me, but I put my foot down. The problem is that her conversations with the animals are more her viewpoint than they are ours. Raudi has been most adamant about this but goes along with the program because these days she has nothing all that important to say, or so she thinks. I think that Raudi has a great deal to say because she’s the equine spokesperson. But for now, I’ll let her be.

As you all know, Alys and Pete went out and got another dog. They didn’t ask me if I wanted another dog in my life. They instead went and got the dog. Yes, I was in the back seat of the car when they pulled up to the puppy palace. The two left me in the car and when they emerged, with a puppy in hand, the decision had already been made. I sure would have appreciated it if they’d included me in on the decision making process before they left home.

Alys and Pete call the dog Shadow, and have continued to do so, so this is her name. I have to admit, she’s rather cute. She is also rather (as Alys says) reserved. I say, she’s a lot like the other Australian Shepherd they

Pete and Ryder

had, that is Jenna, meaning rather clingy. She is with one or the other most of the time.

This is what bothers me. I remember when Alys and Pete found me at that trailhead in Idaho. They were so glad to have made my acquaintance. And that first night, Alys told the other campers in the morning, she did not sleep because she feared that my old owners would come and get her. Fat chance – I was one of many dogs they had, and while the kids liked me, the adults were rather indifferent.

Alys and Pete were thrilled to have me, which I could tell. They took very good care of me from day one, and on the ride home, they even found me a moose antler to chew on. I still have it. They then had another dog, Rainbow. She wasn’t at all put out by their actions; in fact, she was rather relieved. She wasn’t in need of a lot of attention.

Now Alys and Pete are obsessing over this dog, and owwing and ahhing over its every move. And me? Well right now I am playing second fiddle to this newcomer. I have expressed my displeasure by showing indifference. I would never bite or snap at it; although yesterday I did give it a warning snap when it got too close to my food.

It would be best for all concerned if they admitted that they made a mistake and returned this dog to the puppy palace. But they are not going to do this. No, they’re too smitten. Alys did take me out on the trail yesterday and today, so all is not lost. I just hope that the novelty of having this thing wears off and they resume paying more attention to me.

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