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June 16, 2020: A Conversation with Shadow

Alys: Shadow, welcome to our world.
Shadow: It’s different than where I came from.
A: How so?
S: I had nine brothers and sisters. We did everything together.
A: Do you miss them?
S: Of course. Are you going to take me home?
A: This is now your home.
S: You got to be kidding.
A: Yep.
S: I am somewhat afraid of the animals that live here.
A: I won’t let them hurt you.
S: The horses, they are so large, strong, and powerful.
A: Yes.
S: I most like the red one. She told me when she got here that she first had a hard time because Raudi, the one with the lighter colored mane, kept bossing her around. But she finally accepted her.
A: You must have talked with Tyra.
S: That is her name. She also asked about my spiritual beliefs. I told her I’m only nine weeks old and so I have not figured this out. She then asked me what religion my parents might be. I told her that they profess to belong to the Church of Dog. I don’t know if this is so, but it sounded good. And who is going to question an eight week old puppy any further on such subjects.

A: And have you had any conversations with the goats yet?
S: Oh yes, the one with the long black beard. He is a very kind fellow. He even offered me some of his hay and water.
A: Did you tell him that dogs don’t eat hay?
S: No I didn’t. I didn’t want to offend him. I instead told him that this morning I had eaten more than my share of puppy chow.
A: And the chickens?
S: Oh the chickens. Thelma and Louise. They need to get out more. They’re going a little stir crazy in that pen.
A: Is this what they told you?
S: No. But I could tell. The two were talking about making a break for it the next time you let them out of the pen.
A: And where might they go?
S: South. They’ll hop on the migratory pathway and make a go for it.
A: Chickens can’t fly.
S: Yes they can. And this is their best kept secret.
A: Well it isn’t a secret any more. Yes, chickens can fly.
S: Why don’t more of them do this?
A: Because humans need the eggs.
S: So what are we all doing tomorrow?
A: We have a big day planned. We’re going to town. And while there we’ll be getting you a collar and a leash.
S: You don’t need to do this.
A: Sad to say, we are going to have to put you on a leash when we are in public places.
S: Why?
A: To assure you don’t get into trouble.
S: This just goes to show you how stupid most humans are.
A: No doubt. So are you glad to be here?
S: Yes, I have to say that I am glad to be here.

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