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November 21, 2019: The Bright Lights Book Project

Build it and they will come.

So this phrase has come to mind so many times in the past few years. It most certainly holds true for the Bright Lights Book Project. This, at least, is what I am calling it. Judy, a volunteer at the recycling center, made a light with a book base. I saw it and I thought, hmm, Bright Lights books.

The name also has significance for me because my father had a bookstore called Country Lights books. So, bright lights it is.

So what are we building? We are building a more literate community, one that values books, reading, stories, the sharing of ideas. We are doing this one book at a time right now. Soon it will be one box of books at a time. Then a dozen boxes of books at a time.

I said last week that this project has traction and will soon have momentum. Today I envisioned a small shop, with a sign out front that reads Bright Lights Books. This shop will have a wood floor, comfortable chairs, and lots and lots of used books. Reading and writing groups would meet here regularly. There will be a child’s area, and times when parents can bring their kids in to be read to.

The mouser

Bill sorting and culling the books
Bill sorting and culling the books

There will be a shop bookmobile, and books will be distributed to schools, prisons, homeless shelters, churches – any place where there is a need.

There would also be drop boxes where readers can do a book exchange.

The merchandise would mainly consist of books, but this may be a part of a recycling resale shop, one in which recycled goods are sold. My end of this will be the book area.

There will be a shop dog, one who greets the customers but does not jump on them. Could be the dog that is at the shelter and I’d like to adopt. Couldn’t be Ryder because she jumps up on people and we have not been able to break her of the habit.

I want to have tee-shirts made with the bright lights logo on it. The shirts will say on the back, “Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read,” Groucho Marx.

It is quite strange – this project and what we might do comes to me so easily.

What I most like is the fact that so far, everyone I’ve talked to about this has been so supportive of this endeavor. And everyone seems to have good, workable ideas.

I do wish that right now I could work on this more than just one day a week. There is so much to do. However, I must first finish my EMT class. Staying focused and continuing to study is actually quite difficult because this and my abandoned writing projects remain at the forefront of my consciousness.

Today I brought home a box of books for Pete’s work colleague – he has an infant, and I found her a lot of really good books.

Okay, another phrase has just come to mind – changing the world, one book at a time.

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