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November 22, 2019: Uneventful

This is the word we use around here to describe days in which nothing of any great consequence happened. The referent is to negative things. If there is a more fitting term, we have not heard of it.

The uneventful days are ones in which the events of the day become a part of the unconscious mind dump, that repository of things that occurred but are later, seldom noted. Most days around here are such days. Today was such a day.

This morning I first did a practice medical assessment on Pete – his chief complaint was that he had diabetes, and specifically hypoglycemia. I finished my exam fifty

Hrimmi and Alys
Hrimmi and Alys

seconds over time, not bad – and I put a bag valve mask on him instead of a nonrebreather mask. Oh oh, this is what is called a critical fail. Hmm, best to happen while practicing on the home front rather than during my exam.

We next selected photos for the November Agility contest. We have quite a few images that are on the camera cards. Pete has been taking pictures in between taking videos. What interests me is that the horses appear to be focused on what they are doing and also quite confident. There is one I really like – Hrimmi has a tarp and a lawn chair on her back. I’m standing next to her, laughing.

This, I recalled, was the day my friend June Snyder came over. Back then we were doing agility in the horse enclosure because the playground of higher learning was not yet built. I think she had a good time – it sure appears in the photo as though I am having a good time. Hrimmi is quite relaxed and looks like she thinks its her lot in life to be carrying tarps and lawn chairs.

June moved to West Virginia about two years ago and died a year later. She had Lou Gherig’s disease. The photos bring back to mind the time spent with her.

I hustled out the door around noon after Pete and I were done selecting images. I then went non-stop, not even stopping for lunch. I first got Tyra out on what I called a trail blazing expedition – I wanted to see if they were suitable for riding. Both Tyra and I agreed the going was good. I next rode Raudi and ponied Tinni on the same trail, Siggi’s Trail. She’s now a very well behaved horse. When asked, she stepped with her front feet over a log and waited for me to fix her askew halter, get back on, then ask her to go. I now take her willingness and good manners for granted.

And then, Pete and I put the harness on Hrimmi, and attached the sled to the harness. Our immediate destination was our neighbor’s place. We put the chicken feed she was giving us in the sled and had Hrimmi pull it home. As is usually the case, nothing phased dear Hrimmi. And though after, it was raining and snowing, we took her, in harness, for a walk around the loop.

We now have three carts, so one of my winter tasks is going to be to drive Hrimmi and Tyra all over the place. I would like to see them go out together.

Lastly, I cleaned the goat and chicken roost. If there was an eventful moment, it occurred when I slipped not once, but twice down the entrance ramp. Pete said he will make it less steep when he rebuilds it in the spring.

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