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August 16, 2019: Tinni’s Return

Last night we went and got Tinni. He has been at Sarah Gotschall’s place on Lazy Mountain the past two weeks. Prior to that, he was at Terri Mielke’s place over in the Government Peak area. It was a very happy reunion. Tinni, who is a very stoic fellow, was glad to see me. He was hanging out with his buddy Spiffy, a large, rangy Tennessee Walker. Both are black – Tinni is far smaller than his now much loved companion.

I was relieved to see that he was bright eyed and has held his weight. I was dismayed by the fact that he appears to be stiff and when we went to put him in the trailer, moving very slowly.

Tinny in Yard

Interestingly, I did not at all feel a sense of dismay. Rather, I was and remain of the mind that I know what to do. He will again get his intramuscular joint supplement – this morning Pete immediately called our veterinarian, Zach Kaiser, who said that we should again begin giving him loading doses, that is a shot every week for four weeks, then after, one shot a month. I will also resume taking him for walks and doing body work. And I will have him out on the lawn with Hrimmi, and give him plenty of grazing time. The mares are just full of themselves, very healthy and uppity, so I am not going to have him out with them en masse.

I decided to leave the chickens at Sarah’s for a few more days. Today we will go and pick up Stormy and Ranger.

The inn seems to be filling up quickly – a good thing. It has been fuller in the past but we have reached equilibrium. One dog, two goats, two chickens, four horses, no more, no less. I turned on the proverbial neon no vacancy sign, and I am not turning it off. This statement brings to mind another possible project – motel signs of Wyoming, with photos and a brief write up of each. Maybe I could get a grant to do this.

I feel now as though I am swimming against the tide with all I have to do here. I made a list last night and realized that I am not going to get all I wish to get done, in just a few days. I dropped everything and now I must pick it all up. It is easier to drop than pick up, for sure.

Ahh, but it is a good life, for sure. I’m glad to be home; although yes, I so enjoyed the nomadic lifestyle to a large part because it was simple. It was simply, pack up, ride, eat lunch, ride, unpack. I cannot now summarize what it is that I am doing, or should do in a single sentence.

Tomorrow I will resume riding. I may go out to the Moose Meadows and pick blueberries. Looks like I won’t be working at the recycling sorting area at the Alaska State Fair this year. While I will miss this, this will give me time to do other, equally important things.

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