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August 17, 2019: Hitting the Ground Running

Slowly, ever so slowly, we are gaining momentum here. And this feels good because it is not so fast that I feel overwhelmed. It helps our living in a place that’s fairly quiet. Plus, for the most part, we get to plan our days and carry out activities accordingly.

Yesterday we went and retrieved Ranger and Stormy, goats extraordinaire. Our friends Matt and Chelsea Dishner took them on for the summer. We arrived at their place and Stormy and Ranger greeted us happily. It was quite clear to me that they felt comfortable where they were because they moved about freely and happily. Ranger, he had a harder time than Stormy. He lost all his hair because of the

Stormy at Suzy's being milked

heat; this may have been a good thing because his new coat is shiny and healthy. We were told he also did not like the traffic – the Dishner’s home is on a residential road – and so he found a quiet spot to hang out.

They loaded right up, into the Tundra, marched right up the ramp as if they knew where they were going. As with the horses, I opened up the back of the truck and with considerable fanfare told the two they were home. They hopped right out, looked around, realized where they were, and began checking out their favorite browsing areas.

I began doing evening chores – Ranger kept in close sight of me.

The news is that Stormy had a tryst with Buckwheat, a younger, intact male. It was (I am sure) way different than the last time we attempted to breed her. Then, we took her on a dark and stormy night, to get it on with Phoenix. We all stood around and watched. This time, Stormy and Buckwheat were able to consummate their relationship at their leisure.

We have no idea of the due date. I think it will be soon. Stormy is quite round in the middle and her milk bag looks pendulous. It would be good if she has her baby this fall, before the bad weather sets in. This will make milking and tending to the young ones much easier.

I need to act quickly. I have to clean the milking parlor area. And I need to look up what is that I should be feeding Stormy, before and after she has her baby.

I am also going to get two young chickens, this idea came after I came up with names for them. I want to name them Grace and Serenity. I want to socialize them – Thelma and Louise, they have more of a free range mentality.

The other bit of news is that Matt Dishner is selling his Jeep. When I first heard of this I asked questions, just to be polite. Then I began to semi-seriously consider this. Then I began to seriously consider this. It needs work. Pete, I thought, he knows about such things. And our friend Andre, he knows about such things. Pete and I talked about it – it makes sense. Get this Jeep, fix it up, and save money for a newer vehicle.

Yep, a comparison can be made. Wind (and its blowing now) is a good thing because it helps one maintain momentum.

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