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May 12, 2019: Greatest Of All Time

Today we took Ranger and Stormy over to Chelsea Dishner’s place. Parting with the animals is like ripping a part of my soul out. It was hard parting company with the chickens (who I am told are doing just fine) and harder parting company with the goats. Now tomorrow I part company with Tinni, and this is going to be the hardest thing of all. He is doing so well – very bright eyed and moving around a lot.

The goats – like the chickens, they will not be bored. In fact, there seems to be more activity where they are going than here. There are five young goats on the premises and a very sweet guard dog is in with them. Ranger and Stormy are now in a very secure fenced in yard – in a few days

Loading the goats

they will be moved to one of the side yards. Chelsea is going to check with Suzy Crosby who sold us Stormy – if she isn’t related to Chelsea’s young buck, the two will be bred. If she is related, they will be kept apart.

The goats are in very good hands. This I know. I also know that already, I miss them. I kept thinking that I needed to go and tend to them and realize that they are not here. I will always have goats just like I will always have a dog and always have horses and always have chickens. I think you can get away with dog, singular, but the rest need companionship. So I will have at least two of everything

Our house-sitters were here tonight. They are two very intelligent young women, both very different though. Abbey and Elisa just met for the first time tonight – we had them over for dinner. I made split pea soup – it was awful. Abby, 17, who is very forthright said “this is warm and nutritious.” Actually, it was watery and tepid. After dinner, Pete went over a list of things that are particular to this place with them. Then they all went on a walk, on our trails. Pete also introduced them to our neighbor Judy.

Having the animals parted out is actually a good thing because they did not come across as being animal people. Neither one seemed to be interested in gardening, which is too bad because the garden beds and greenhouse and hoop house are ready to be used.

They will have to water the strawberries and the peach trees and maybe the orchard trees and shrubs.

I won’t worry about this place the way I will worry about the animals.

Tonight I went for a ride; I rode Tyra first and then rode Hrimmi. I decided that I am going to ride her on the Fairbanks leg of our trip because she will be very steady eddy, especially if we have to deal with downtown traffic.

Tomorrow I will ride Raudi and pony Tinni. I am going to spend my morning with Tinni – so a ride will be in order.

I think that we are right on schedule with everything. Just getting ready has been a superhuman effort.

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