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May 13, 2019: Busting up the A-Team

This morning I took Raudi out for a ride and ponied Tinni, this after grooming him. It was a very peaceful pre-ride and ride. Pete took a few photos upon our return. He had the trailer hooked to the man truck, so we loaded Tinni up and headed to our friend Terri M’s place.

A nice quiet ride there, and a nice visit with Terri. There isn’t anyone else, except Sarah G, who I’d leave Tinni with. She is a wonderful horseperson and loves and respects Tinni.

We unloaded him, and then unloaded his incidentals onto her lawn, buckets, food supplements, bridle, and glucosamine supplement included. Then we talked

The A-Team

about his care and routine. I left my extensive list in the other truck, so I did not have this on hand. I told Terri I’d send it later. Then we unloaded Tinni who immediately began sampling the front lawn. Looking at him, and his possessions, I made an analogous comparison to kids begin dropped off at college. I can’t image what parents must feel when they do this. It is a form of severing the figurative umbilical cord, and of course, a welter of emotions accompanies this severance.

We lead him into his summer paddock and he greeted Danny and Joe, his neighbors, by going up to them and touching noses. Then he came over to us and stood close by while we all talked. Then he went and stood square in the middle of the pen. This was his way of saying that he was okay with the situation. He also has his own shelter so he can eat in there are and get out of the rain. It’s just like here, with a bit more room to roam.

The emotion I felt, on parting with Tinni was similar because I have, in the past 12 years or so, spent so much time with him. He has been my steady eddy horse, the one who prepared me for the day in which I’d ride Raudi. Lately, he’s been teaching me how to pony a horse. And he’s been teaching Raudi the same. This was at first challenging, but we three have of course gotten better and better at it.

Yes, parting company was like leaving a piece of my soul behind. The analogy must end here because yes, I do understand that my parting company with Tinni for three months does not compare to a parent’s parting company with their child for an indefinite amount of time. I mean, think about it – children live inside and make demands on parents from the day they’re born to the day they leave the nest. The gap that remains after this interlude must be huge. I can’t imagine.

So here we now have a new A-Team, which is comprised of three red headed mares who must for the next three months, work as a team. Upon his return, in the fall, we’ll reclaim Tinni and he will again be part of the old A-Team.

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