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May 11, 2019: Hey Everyone,

As most of you know, we are about to embark on a most amazing trip in a few days. I feel like Bilbo Baggins getting ready to leave the shire. Well, this place does have Hobbit-like characteristics. And we are going to travel by horseback. So it does have the feel of an adventure about it.

I keep telling people the horses are so ready to do this. Right now they are all wandering around the yard, looking for something to do. They’ve already trashed the agility course, checked out the compost stations, and done a (remaining) hay bale count. Ho hum. And Pete and I are physically ready. We did strength training at Active Body in Palmer this winter and feel like we are in good shape. Our fitness coach (Ben Cagle) has given us a summer program to follow and we intend to stick with it.

I am speaking for myself. I must do this trip. Like Bilbo, I am feeling entrenched. Used to be I would be up and gone in a few hours’ notice. The animals and the place have rooted me. I never thought I’d ever be rooted, but

it did happen. Time to hit the road and head out and see what’s going on down in America.

We found good summer homes for the animals that aren’t coming with us. Last night we took the chickens over to Sarah G’s place and they settled right in. As I was, they were awed by the male peacock who was in rut (isn’t that what you call it?) and the many, many ducks on the premises.

Tinni will spend his summer at Terri M’s place. I’m glad he’ll be there. She will take good care of him. And the two goats, Stormy and Ranger, will vacation at Chelsea D’s place. She has other goats, so they will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock in good company.

Uhh, the question many are asking is where are we going? Like Bilbo, we aren’t sure. We are first going to Fairbanks and riding with Felipe, who rode from Calgary to Argentina and is now riding from Fairbanks to Calgary. He was here for a few days, getting ready for his trip, and we all had a wonderful time.

We are next going to Cheyenne, Wyoming and spending time with our good friends C.J. and Dave who own Synergist Saddles. From there, we just don’t know. Depends on weather conditions. Don’t want to get caught in a snow storm.

I’ve attached our trip logo. Photos and illustrations will be forthcoming.

Giddy Up

Alys and Pete


Pete and I both have spent a lot of time attempting to figure out how to communicate with family members, friends, and acquaintances. We are both opposed to the use of Facebook, for both privacy and politically related reasons. And we attempted to get on Instagram and met every single roadblock that you could imagine. There might also be internet access problems out on the trail. So what we decided is this – I’ll continue to write dispatches and take photos and post them on my website. I’ll also send out what I am calling the A-Team list when feasible. You all are on the A-Team list and I’ll add names during the summer.

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