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May 11, 2019: Trip Plans Take Precedence, Sometimes

I invited friends, Bonnie and Bob, over for dinner. This is because we are now immersed in trip planning. I drew up what I thought might be our last pre-trip list and we both began doing stuff. Trouble was, some things may be an item on a list, but they have strings attached.

This morning Pete got the camping and kitchen gear out, and I sorted through it, macro organizing, so that he might micro organize. Camping gear – Pete had previously put the sleeping bags in the living room closet, so I went in there to get them. Unbeknownst to me, he’d stuffed a lot of other things in there too. So I took the time and pulled out stuff stuffed in there – large area maps, a broken jar, clothes items, a flannel bag, an old pillow,

Stormy will spend the summer with Chelsea

a not so old pillow, a box of old household file folders, etc. I then went through this stuff and I put some of it back and put the rest in more accessible places. This took a while. And it wasn’t on the list. I did this because I don’t like having stuff stuffed in closets and cupboards.

At this point in time, I have cleaned up most of what I call our piggy nests. It will be good to return home in the fall to an organized household. This must be why I am doing this.

Too much to do, and now coming down to the wire – this means that some of the things that I thought might get done around here are not going to get done. For example, I have routinely been giving the horses tree limbs to chew on – they’ve stripped them of bark – and piled them up outside the pen, on the far side. The pile size is pretty impressive. I’ve been thinking that what is there would make good kindling – but I’d have to saw the limbs up, and quite obviously, I won’t have the time.

I keep thinking that this might be something the house sitters might do – har har -not so because they don’t own the place. The concept of mine and yours came about when we humans became bipedal – since then we tend to what is ours and ours alone. This most likely was a survival strategy in that we foresaw that we could only tend to some and not all things. If the house sitters cut the limbs into kindling, they would not have time to do other things, like social networking.

And most certainly, I am not going to go over to our neighbor’s place and begin working on their garden. I might if they asked. But most definitely not in the next few days.

I realized today that I was not going to have the time to finish my Gift of a Good Ride proposal. Pete was editing it – I looked over his shoulder and saw mas rojo. I then realized it needed way more work. I will give it some thought, but I don’t think that as proposals go, that it’s quite good enough for a book publisher to consider.

Oh well. Tomorrow Stormy and Ranger go to their summer home. This is a must do, as is having the house sitters over for dinner. Must dos. This is what we have left.

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