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November 12, 2018: A Conversation with Tyra

Alys: Tyra, what do you think of this weather?
Tyra: I don’t.
A: Then what are you thinking about?
T: Many things.
A: Such as?
T: The grass. I am wondering where it all went.
A: It’s buried under the snow.
T: I’ve been digging for it, and I can’t find any.
A: I’m sorry. I should have been more specific. The grass died when it got cold. The roots are dormant. It will continue to grow in the spring.
T: And when will that be?
A: About six full moons from now.
T: So in the meantime we all are stuck eating hay.
A: That’s right.
T: I’ve heard that there are places farther south where it’s warm and the grass goes year around. Why don’t we move there?
A: I’ve been wondering this myself. Pete and I would have to get jobs where we might relocate.
T: Why don’t we just travel around for a while?
A: Well, we’ll be doing this in the spring. We’re taking the trailer and you all and going down to America and doing a lengthy trip.
T: Will we stop and see my old buddies at Silver Creek Farm?
A: I’d like to. I’m sure that Kathy Lockerbie, your breeder, would really enjoy seeing how you turned out.

Hawks waiting to be blessed at the blessing of the animals
Hawk waiting to be blessed at the blessing of the animals

T: I turned out okay, eh?
A: You are a beautiful and very intelligent mare.
T: You also say that to Raudi and Hrimmi, so it doesn’t mean much. And you tell Tinni he’s a handsome and intelligent gelding.
A: I beg to differ. I sometimes wonder how I was so lucky as to have you all here.
T: We also think we are lucky, well most of the time.
A: Most of the time?
T: Most of the time. Sometimes you get frustrated with us.
A: Less and less so.
T: Less and less so. There seems to have been a turnaround when you came back from your last trip.
A: Yes. It happened when I went to St. John of the Divine Cathedral in Harlem, NY. There I attended an Episcopalian mass and observed the Blessing of the Animals.
T: Yes, you told us about this.
A: Anyways, I used to think that there was no god and for this reason, after we died, that was it.
T: And?
A: Well, I was really moved by the ceremony; in fact, so much so that I began to think that there really is higher power.
T: Most certainly.
A: And so, the other night, when our friend Karen was over, she remarked that this higher power resides within each one of us.
T: Most certainly.
A: And so, I’m now thinking that acknowledging that there is a higher power is what makes us able to connect to all life forms.
T: Yes, yes, go on.
A: And the best way of going about this is by being mindful, which is focusing your thoughts in the present.
T: Yes, you got it.
A: And so these very thoughts have had a direct effect on my relations with you all.
T: In what way?
A: You tell me.
T: I can give you one example. When I’m out on the trail and uncertain about where to go, you wait and then ask me which way you think we should continue rather than pull me off balance and go the way you want to go.
A: Now it’s my turn to say, yes, you got it!

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