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November 13, 2018: A Conversation with my Inner Voice

Most people have an inner voice – some, though, just tend to ignore it because it can complicate issues – and who wants that? Everyone’s personality differs, as do their inner voice. My inner voice is opinionated, pushy, and unforgiving. I often hear the phrase “I told you so.” I never have and I never will be right. I am on the verge of accepting what this voice considers to be a truism.

Alys: Nice day, eh?
Inner Voice: Every day is a nice day, you just have to find something unique and special about it.
A: Oh, here we go again.
I.V.: What?
A: You are again trodding on high moral ground.
I.V.: It’s a good place to be.
A: You think so?
I.V.: Well, the air’s a bit thin up here, but I can see for great distances.

Painting by Jackie Welsch

A: I have never before known you to think in metaphorical terms.
I.V.: That’s because you haven’t been aware of me.
A: I’ve always paid close attention when you speak.
I.V: There’s a difference between attention and awareness. Attention is narrow, pointed, selective. Awareness is broad, diffuse, inclusive. Awareness can be expanded until it’s all-inclusive. Awareness can be honed to a finer and finer point. Awareness supports attention. Attention intensifies awareness.
A: Is that so?
I.V.: Yes, attention is focal and awareness is global.
A: So are you saying that in taking note of you, that I have been more attentive than aware?
I.V.: No, you said this when you said “I’ve always paid close attention when you speak.” What I’m getting at here is that you’ve seldom, if ever, made any life-changing connections.
A: Are you saying that I have only seen what you’ve said to me as being corrective?
I.V.: That’s exactly what I’m saying.
A: How then, do I go about taking what you have to say in a more global fashion?
I.V.: If I give you an answer, you’ll take it as being corrective. So I’m remaining mum for now. Figuring it out on your own will mean that you’re finally thinking more globally.
A: Could be impossible to do.
I.V.: Difficult but not impossible.
A: Where do you reside?
I.V.: If I provide you with this information, what will you do with it?
A: Most likely I’ll ask others if their inner voices also reside in the same place.
I.V.: And if you find out this is so?
A: I’ll organize a sleepover, one in which all the inner voices will be called upon to talk with us and with one another.
IV.: You wouldn’t need to know where I reside to do this, would you?
A: I guess not. But my knowing where you reside will be proof that you are not a figment of my imagination.
I.V.: But I am a figment of your imagination.
A: You mean that I’m making you up?
I.V.: Yes. But your making me up is immaterial.
A: Why is this?
I.V.: Because you are what you are, and I am what I am, and together we are something much greater.
A: This sounds like something that Dr. Bronner, the soap guy, came up with.
I.V.: A great man, that Dr. Bronner, as was his inner voice.
A: When I cease to exist, will you cease to exist?
I.V.: Yes and no.
A: No and yes.
I.V.: Now you are thinking more globally.
A: Difficult, but not impossible.
I.V.: Yes, difficult but not impossible.

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