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September 28, 2018: A Conversation with Tyra

Alys: Tyra, the days are getting shorter.
Tyra: Yes they are.
A: What do you think about this?
T: I am okay with it. The long nights are very restful. And the night sky is so very lovely.
A: How so?
T: The stars, they are quite beautiful.
A: Do you ever see the northern lights?
T: Quite often. Purple, blue, orange streaks appear in the sky.
A: And the moon?
T: Nothing like a moonlit night.
A: And what do you horses do at night?
T: We either stand or lie down, and rest. Sometimes we talk in hushed tones.
A: What about?

T: Lots of things.
A: Such as?
T: The day’s events. You know, Hrimmi and I are very pleased with your new training approach and schedule. When we’re out on the trails and we stop, you now just wait for us to go.
A: That’s right.
T: We understand that you are teaching us new cues for moving forward.
A: Yes, I’m using my body. I breathe out and ground myself. And I breathe in and become light in the saddle.
T: And it’s far easier for us to move out when you do this.
A: I like not using the crop.
T: And we like your not having to use it.
A: You and Hrimmi both upon occasion stop. Why is this?
T: You will have to ask Hrimmi her reasons.
A: And yours?
T: It has to do with balance. If I sense that you are too far forwards or backwards or too far to one side, I halt. You now readjust and we move on.
A: I appreciate your being this way.
T: I have a question.
A: Fire away.
T: This month’s agility course. I don’t get this business of stepping first with my front feet into the hula hoop and moving my rear legs. Nor do I understand why I next must step into the hula hoop with my rear feet and turn my front feet. I just don’t get it.
A: The moves are called turn on the haunches and turn on the forehand.
T: But neither is to my liking. I’d much rather be moving forward. I like all the other obstacles, especially going around the two barrels with you at my shoulder.
A: I agree, that last one is a lot of fun. But the turns, if you get them down you’ll be more maneuverable.
T: Why do I need to be more maneuverable?
A: Because this way, you’ll be more apt to own your own movements?
T: What do you mean by this?
A: You’ll have more movement options.
T: You know, I really like it when you use the target and ask me to touch my nose to first my right, and then my left rear leg. None of the other horses can do this, yet.
A: Yes Tyra, you are the carrot stretch superstar.
T: And I intend to remain as such.
A: Well, it’s like this. There was a time when stretches and crunches were difficult, right?
T: Yes.
A: But once you got them down they were easy.
T: Yes.
A: Well, in time the turn on the forehand and turn on the haunches are going to be easy too.
T: Think so?
A: Know so.
T: I have no choice but to take your word for it.
A: Yes, that is if you want to remain a superstar.

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