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September 29, 2018: A Conversation with Raudi and Tyra

Alys: What’s up you two? Raudi, why do you have your ears back?
Raudi: The problem is Tyra.
Tyra: The problem is Raudi.
A: What is the problem?
R: Tyra.
T: Raudi.
A: You both will have to be more specific.
R: A beautiful day here. And you took Tyra up to the bench. Not me.
A: We’re on a schedule. I ride you one day, and Tyra the next.
R: You rode Tyra yesterday, too.
A: The reason why I rode Tyra today was because I had the opportunity to take her out with a different horse, my friend Terri’s steady eddy horse Joe.
R: But it was my day.
T: Actually it was my day.
R: Bitch.

Gang of four
Gang of four

T: I’m not a dog. I’m a horse.
R: A bitch is also a term used to denote. . . .
A: Enough!
T: That’s right. Enough. I feel like I’m living with a dictator. I must do as told.
R: Good. You got it figured out.
A: Raudi, you have got to mellow out.
R: Who are you going to take for a ride tomorrow?
A: You, of course.
T: Now wait. I did quite well today. Don’t I get to go out again tomorrow?
A: Most likely not. You were the only one who got out today. Tomorrow I am getting Raudi, Tinni, and Hrimmi out.
T: And why not me, too?
A: Because we also have a lot we need to get done around here. The potatoes need to be harvested, the gravel needs to be moved into the Playground, and the mats need to be moved back in place.
T: Why are you wanting to get it all done tomorrow?
A: Because I’m leaving town on Tuesday.
R: And then who’s going to ride us?
A: Pete.
Hrimmi: Wait, Pete rides me!
A: Pete’s going to be very busy, just keeping up with the work I do around here.
Tinni: Pete’s always busy. Look at what he did today.
T: He went and got more hay.
H: And now the three sheds are full.
R: This is a good thing. The new stuff that he got today, it is a bit stemmy.
Tinni: You won’t care come February when it’s cold. Then, it all tastes good.
T: Maybe it will be a mild winter.
R: We can only hope.
T: Hope is an illusion.
R: Here we go again, Tyra, you mystify me.
T: Hope. It portends of the future. There is no future. There is only now.
R: Where did you come up with that?
Hrimmi: She’s been talking with the ravens again.
T: Bill, who is a raven, is a very good teacher.
Tinni: Like Pete says, you are educated beyond your intelligence.
R: This makes no sense to me. I mean, how can a horse be educated beyond their intelligence? Education is education and intelligence is intelligence.
A: To be educated beyond your intelligence means that you really don’t understand what it is you are talking about.
T: I understand what I’m talking about.
R: All I know is that I want to be ridden as often as Tyra. I am beginning to feel like she is your number one riding horse.
A: Raudi, nothing could be further from the truth.
T: And the truth shall set you free. Martin Luther King said that.
R: Okay. That’s a promise. You ride me on alternate days and I’ll have a better attitude.
A: Deal?
R: Deal.
T: Deal.

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