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August 14, 2018: Another Conversation with Ryder

Alys: Ryder, how are you feeling today?
Ryder: mu-u-u-u-c-h better thank you.
A: How much better?
R: Under my chin, the lump doesn’t hurt as much as it did.
A: Does it hurt at all?
R: A little bit.
A: But it’s on the mend, right?
R: Almost all better.
A: It’s been raining a lot. Probably a good time since getting out with the horses wouldn’t be as much fun.
R: They don’t understand why you aren’t paying as much attention to them.
A: It’s the rain. Plus we have visitors who have other priorities.
R: Your visitors are quite wonderful. They are all dog people.
A: Yes they are.
R: The older woman – she pets me a lot.
A: So you are not feeling neglected, right?
R: Not at all.
A: Do you like going for car rides?
R: I do. I usually sleep. Not today. Actually I enjoy sitting in the front seat. There is so much to see.
A: You don’t get bored?
R: I get bored when I am left behind.
A: So this is why, the other day, you pull the compost bucket out from under the sink and spread the contents all over the kitchen.

Alys and Ryder
Alys and Ryder

R: Yes. You can’t imagine what it’s like to be in this place, for hours at a time, all alone.
A: You are not left alone that often.
R: I don’t like being left alone at all.
A: I will do a better job of taking you with me.
R: If you don’t, I will notify the human society.
A: Not that threat again.
R: Yes, this threat again.
A: Before, wasn’t it because you were being exercised too much?
R: Yes it was. Now it’s too little.
A: I guess I need to do a better job of striking a balance.
R: That’s right. That is exactly what you need to do.
A: I can do a better job.
R: Or I will turn you into the Human Society.
A: You already said that.
R: So I did. You know, I am very tired. The abscess took it out of me.
A: That’s why we took the abscess out of you.
R: I appreciate it.
A: Are you okay, going to the North Star Veterinary Clinic?
R: I’d prefer not to have to go to any clinic.
A: But when something is amiss, this is what we have to do.
R: I understand.
A: Would you prefer that we have Dr. Kaiser who does on-site visits in his mobile moose vehicle tend to you?
R: Yes and no. Yes, it would be good to have things taken care of here. But no. He’s the horse doctor.
A: So what that he’s the horse doctor?
R: He tends to big animals. I am a small animal.
A: He also tends to small animals.
R: Like Rover.
A: Rover was a goat.
R: Rover died.
A: This was not Dr. Kaiser’s doing. The next time you have a problem, I will give you the phone list and you can call whomever you want to work on you.
R: A good idea, a very good idea.

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