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August 16, 2018: What Will This Day Bring?

I have been writing my dispatches in the evening because I have been up and out in the mornings fairly quickly. Trying to stay one step ahead of guests, who like horses, have specific needs. They too must be watered and fed. And as with the critters, I have had to figure out (with them) what we are going to do.

Guests are not livestock. They don’t eat hay, nor do they whinny when I come to the door. Guests are also better at making their needs known.

I have taken Eva to Mimi and Ben’s place. The rain has even gotten to her – we both noted that there are no weeds visible in Mimi and Ben’s market garden – this is a

good thing because Eva wasn’t up for pulling weeds in the rain all day. It looked, when I dropped her off like, she’d be assisting with the harvest. As I left the garden area I could hear the already started patter of conversation – it was louder than the patter of rain on the hoop house roof.

Pete’s now making blueberry pancakes. We haven’t had time to go picking plus it has been raining, so store bought organic berries are the alternative. We also have raspberries and currents on hand which need picking. We’ll have to pick in the rain.

I have to take Jacki to town so that she can pick up Eva’s prescription for a transdermal motion sickness patch. Now prescriptions are called “scripts.” I know that language is a virus and that for this reason that language is constantly changing, but I really don’t like it that the common usage is now taking a shorter version.

Taking the time to say the entire word is important because, yes, thought does embody itself in language. Taking the time to fully pronounce this word gives import to the word itself, which is the legal acquisition of drugs. Consequently, someone saying “I need to pick up my prescription,” rather than saying “I need to pick up my script,” might give more thought to the consequences of their actions, which is to purchase medications, something that needs to be taken more seriously than some now think this to be.

I am working very hard while I am hear to not be standing on my soap box, and I think that I have done an excellent job of it. Little escapes me, maybe more should. Maybe I need to better roll with the punches. Okay, back up on the soap box. Prescription versus script seems like a pretty minor deal, but it really isn’t.

Styrofoam doggie bag boxes, stirring straws, plastic cup lids, ohh don’t get me going. My theory is that we are all (and I include myself in this number) so (we think) dependent upon on our technological devices that we are seldom taking the time to think about the consequences of our actions, both in terms of language use and everyday habits.

And so, what will this day bring? I need to venture downstairs, eat pancakes, and with my good friends, see what materializes.

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