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July 25, 2018: Ride On

Lately, riding has been a form of escape for me in that I cease being overwhelmed by all the minutia of preparing for a two-day ride. Add to this, Pete is the one organizing the ride, so I of course am feeling even more overwhelmed. He only has so much time to give me an assist. Plus, I have to give him a hand with event and non-event related activities.

So riding, way fun. In fact these days magical. Today Sarah appeared here at 10 a.m. and we did what I am now calling “The Residential Sampler,” which is the Moose Creek trails and the residential trails in our hood. We thought that we would get out on the Moose Range and ride but we were pokey so we only went a short ways in that direction.

Alys points at Hrimmi's Hoof
Alys points at Hrimmi's Hoof

It was more about going fast yesterday than today – yesterday we rode in Crevasse Moraine, where the trails are fast and the terrain is firm. Our trails are rather rooty and muddy in places. Plus, being samplers, they are short.

Sarah worked with Hrimmi on sidepassing – fun, watching her think about what she’s being asked to do. And it’s like a lightbulb going off over her head when she gets it. Then after, she gets the royal treatment, a rub down and a message.

Sarah also assisted me in filling the hay bags, mesh bags that the horses pull the hay out of. A big job, but now done.

I still have a great deal to do – have to clean saddle pads with the shop vacuum, clean tack, pack up the truck with camping gear, etc., etc., etc.

There is a whole lot of etc. going on. Pete went to town today and did the CTR food shopping. Tomorrow he will go the ride site (the Saddle Up Arena) and he will stake out parking spaces.

Right now it is raining. Rain is good because it will cool things down. Icelandic horses don’t do well with high heat and humidity, as evidenced today. They seem to wilt, like plants. But I have figured a few things out. I have taught Raudi, using a clicker, to drink up when we come to creeks. And I have gotten her used to being sponged down. This is truly big – she used to jump around quite a bit. I have checked her heart rate before and after cooling her down – she likes the cool down and is less antsy, which has lead me to believe that her being restless has to do with her being overheated.

And oh yes, we have a house sitter for Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday. A good house sitter is a rare find – Kelly, a recycling acquaintance, will do a very good job.

And so, what else is there? Pete and I are doing what we do, not talking to one another but rather reiterating what’s on our own lists. It’s actually kind of fun, in the way putting together a puzzle is fun, when you are in the mood to work on it.

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