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July 26, 2018: Let the Good Times Roll

Another very hectic day here – but a good one. My degree of motivation to take care of small, mundane things has been pretty low. It’s actually been good that I have had so much to do because I have not even been able to prioritize. A good thing because prioritizing takes energy.

Woke up, said good morning to Ryder and pet her. Felt an egg sized lump under her jaw. This necessitated a trip to the veterinarian – Pete took her in. Then he went about doing his other errands. I told Sarah that I thought it was an abscess perhaps acquired over at Crevasse Moraine – lots of foxtail there. She then told me that her parent’s lab got some of the stuff into its lung and so it was a long, hard recovery. I had been good up until that point, but right then I started to worry.

I love this little dog so much – she’s a joy to have around. I kept going back up to the house and anticipating her being there and then realized that she was at the veterinarian’s office. Well, it turned out that I was right about the fact that she has an abscess, we don’t know from what – this made sense to me because the onset was so fast. So now Ryder is on antibiotics and pain meds. She has another appointment for next Wednesday. So she will be with us this weekend at the ride. Pete will tend to her while I’m riding.


I did as good as I could do, attempting to keep my mind off of this, by getting ready for this weekend. I was cleaning tack when Sarah showed up, with multi-colored braids bands in hand. We spent considerable time braiding Hrimmi’s and Raudi’s manes and forelocks. All this horse stuff, lately, has reminded me of being twelve years old again. All we’ve been doing is playing with horses and riding them.

After, we put the straps back on the washed blankets. Sarah sewed a cheek strap on Hrimmi’s bitless bridle and gave me an assist with a few other things.

Right after she left, two women came and got our empty water tank. They are going to take it to the lunch site and have it filled. This way, we will have water on hand for the horses during the ride.

We spent the evening in town, in the company of other horsey people. I had a wonderful time conversing with old friends and new. I am doing an experiment. Any time I have a negative thought about anyone, I put an X through it and then think of something else. Actually, today, after x-ing out a few thoughts, I immediately began singing. I will keep doing this and see where in life it takes me. I am tone deaf, so I ought not spend too much time singing around others.

A great day, the prelude to a great weekend. I am simply going to let the good times roll.

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