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June 30, 2018: For Pete’s Sake

Today I got up, tended to the horses, ate breakfast, did my body awareness work, then headed out to get Raudi ready for a lengthy ride. I ended up riding 20 miles. This took me seven hours. I’m now really tired and looking forward to going to bed.

Pete stayed put in the morning, posted the agility videos that we made yesterday and the day before, did the dishes, mopped the floor, and worked on Competitive Trail Ride administrativa. He discovered in talking with the head of the Long Riders Guild that our doing more than 500 miles (non-supported) on our first trip would qualify us to be associate members of the guild. In order to be members, one must ride 1,000 miles or more unsupported.

I have my fingers crossed that at the end of next summer’s unsupported trip that I can somehow keep going. Raudi would like this because then she can go more slowly than she has to go now.

I rode to the end of Buffalo Mine Road. I didn’t get out as early as I’d hoped, but fortunately I didn’t have to deal with any riff raff. It could be because others did not (as I did) see the weather conditions as being perfect. It was cool and overcast.

Pete and his bees
Pete and his bees

At about the midway portion of this ride, Pete, riding his bicycle and accompanied by Ryder, met up with me. He had packed a lunch. This meeting was fortuitous because at this moment in time Raudi and I were butting heads big time. She just did not want to go to the end of road, which is often the case. Pete tied her to a tree and she immediately calmed down. And I acknowledged that we both really needed a break.

He checked her saddle and made sure it fit and put my new raincoat in my saddlebag.

After, Pete continued with us on this slightly uphill ride. Raudi and I followed him. It was then a different ride. She happily trotted and cantered behind him, all the way up the road to the end.

Pete then headed home and Raudi and I walked and trotted the downhill stretch.

Once home, he mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned the bathtub. All this so that I could get in a more lengthy ride on Raudi. Like I also said yesterday, all this riding is taking a great deal of time; in fact, so much so that I have not been able to do much around the place.

All the events of the day got me to thinking how lucky I am to live with such a kind and giving person. The problem is that far too often, I take this for granted. Not today though.

Yesterday I wrote a dispatch in which I grumbled about his grumbling about my failing to sleep in. Today my perspective differed. Undoubtedly, many woman would say that I’m lucky to be in a relationship in which my partner is routinely in the same bed as I am each and every morning. And I’m fortunate in that he isn’t the one leaping out of bed.

Yes, I am living with a wonderful fellow. Now everyone in the world knows it.

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