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July 1, 2018: Giddy Up

It is the first day of July. Where did June go? I blinked and it was over. July will go over equally fast. Well, the first day of this month was memorable. Had a really great day.

After tending to the animals, eating breakfast, and doing body awareness work, I hoped on Raudi and rode her up the bench. That’s the wonderful thing about having horses in your yard and trails close by. I don’t have to trailer anywhere, I can hop on the cayuse and giddy up to my heart’s content.

It was a slow, short ride to the top, via Pete’s trail. We usually go the other way, but I was attempting to alleviate boredom.

Spiffy and her red saddle pad

At the top I tied her to a bush and removed her saddle and saddle pad and girth and then waited ten minutes and then took her heart rate. It was 60, which after a climb, was good. Then down we went, on the far side. The far side is less steep but has some steep, often muddy parts to it. We had no problems – reminded me of the old days when I walked her down the tough parts. No more.

Got home just before our neighbor Keith arrived with his tractor. He mowed down the pasture for me. I was so busy here, what with tending to the horses and eating lunch, that I didn’t have time to go watch him. I feel bad about this because he was doing this for me.

Tomorrow, I will go with scythe in hand, and cut down any standing brush. But now I have a pasture . . .

Sarah G. arrived promptly at 3 p.m. with her Tennessee Walker, Spiffy. By her visit’s end, I was convinced that she’s the perfect CTR riding partner for me. I had realized previously how difficult this would have been had I done this alone. Now I realize how easy it will be, riding with someone who will be a good fit.

The plan was to ride the Spike Fork Loop, which is about five miles in length. We started in that direction, trotting some on the Ridge Runner and Bonnie and Dale trails. Then we veered left, and headed off in the direction of the Moose Range. I had not ridden there this year because it is generally boggy and takes a long time to dry up. It was just passable today.

We cut through two meadows then went off trail in order to find another trail. Oh oh – I would not say that we were lost, but we were definitely off the beaten track. We did some bush wacking, which I did not enjoy, then found ourselves out on the Powerline Trail. I knew that after we turned right and went a ways that we should keep going but Pete said no. It was consequently a while before we were again on the right track.

I was very pleased with how Raudi did. She maintained a safe distance between herself and Spiffy; this was important in riding through the mud flats. And she was easily able to keep up with Spiffy, even though she had to trot and canter (at times) in order to keep up. The same is true of Hrimmi who is a gem of a horse.

Tomorrow we may ride down by the Knik River. What a great day. The stuff dreams are made of.

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