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April 23, 2018: The ABC’s of Listing 0 organization

This is a paydirt word because it is most likely the first word that people think about when they think about listing. Lists are what keep us organized be they literal or figurative lists. Boom, boom, boom, we do things that need to be done in an efficient fashion.

There is the noun organization – a group of people assembled for a common purpose, such as the Back Country Horsemen of America – and there is the verb organization, as in to be organized. The individual members of this group should be organized.
I have attached the agenda that was passed out this morning. Yes this is a list, a list of activities that today were covered by the organizers.

This is the big picture list, that is the major points to be addressed by the organizers of the organization on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The Little Picture list of the minor points to be addressed by the organizers on each individual day follow.
Yawn. Today we did the Monday song and dance. As the various things were talked about I knocked them off the list. I felt a sense of satisfaction in doing this. But I was not totally satisfied because, really, it was not my list. And though I ought to have, I was not interested in all things that were talked about, such as the budget. The committee reports were revelatory in that the fellow talking about education was very gung ho. But the vision committee overview was a bust.

I am not here as a board member but rather as a “guest.” We guests are in a u shaped row – the board members are sitting in a square, at their own table. In this sense I feel like an interloper. We did not get the folders and other lists, which is really too bad – I felt a bit bereft, which lead to a sense of detachment.

This all was on an ideas day – and in a ballroom of a casino with no windows. I thought about suggesting that we go outside and then realized that all that was out there was a parking lot.

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got until its gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

I whiled away my time by doing some drawings and some cartoons. I got very excited – I started a horsey series. Of course, I was under the influence of caffeine at the time, so I thought my work was better than it was. But I also discovered that I could take photos of my cartoons with my I-phone and send them to people, which I did. You never know, one of these cartoons could go viral. Tomorrow I will draw viral horsey. I even combined the Bacon Family series with the Horsey series.

I do not take cartooning seriously, but I now realize that I am following in a well-established literary/visual tradition. I am Walter Mitty’s sister and Wonder Woman is my aunt.

It appears that according to tomorrow’s, Tuesday’s, list, we will be working in groups. This means that those of us in the back row may be more accountable.

So, lists forewarn of an organization’s indirect expectations. Toe the line and line the toe.

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