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April 24, 2018: The ABC’s of Listing P is for Prioritizing

Prioritizing is an essential aspect of listing. When listing you throw ideas onto the page, and not in any particular order. This is just to get them in plain sight. After they’re out there you prioritize – usually beginning this process by numbering. Sometimes you can eyeball the page and know what you have to do, but not often.

You have to prioritize, otherwise things that are unimportant get done and things that are important don’t get done.

Another day in the windowless Northern Q-uest Casino Ballroom. This is the second day of the BCHA three day regional meeting. Today we were told what the order of events would be and then broken down into regional groupings where we would air our BCHA-related concerns. We then broke into smaller groups and moved into smaller windowless rooms.

A woman standing in the front of the room (with marker in hand) wrote down these concerns on large sheets of white newsprint. These concerns were not written down verbatim, nor were they read back to us for revision. Consequently, the note-taker exercised a certain degree of subjectivity.

I think it was presumed that we all, in referring to her notes, could recall what had been said. Me, I got confused pretty quickly.

The discussion was mainly about governance, the Alaska contingent mainly being concerned about how they might get the requisite organizational paperwork done, this including getting the 501c3 in order.

Mid-meeting, during a much-needed break, a burley fellow with a white beard and pot belly strode over to Cathy, our club president, and he slapped a card on the table and said if we had any problems to contact him, adding that the Oregon chapter had the expertise and the means to (experiential and technical) with which to address our concerns. He was so direct, forthright, and confident that all the Alaska attendees (except me) felt assured that our problems could easily be resolved.

Maybe, just maybe, I thought, rather than list our concerns, we should all walk around and just slap cards down in front of people. The one who gets the most cards is then the winner. After all, this is a casino. And it appears to be a profitable one, meaning they know something about organization that the BCHA does not know.

After our break, we prioritized our concerns, numerically. Our listing is in the attached photo.

The head people (the executive directors) are now going to take this list and look at it in relation to the other regional grouping’s lists. They will then come up with a prioritized list that all regional organization members will look at together. They will eliminate extraneous ideas, highlight important ideas, and present these ideas to all of us. This will take place in the ballroom. This list will take the form of a Power Point presentation. We will become one big brain, each one of us is neuron, and as such, we are connected.

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