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April 14, 2018: The ABC’s of Listing: Focus

I tried out a good number of F words and then settled on the word Focus. In relation to listing, it has a double meaning – you have to be focused in order to get a list written. And you have to be focused in order to get things done on the list. Otherwise, you are unfocused and what good is that?

I had a partial list of things I had to get done this morning, they were on the back side of the post it that I wrote my travel list on. I wrote toothbrush (had to return the Oral B electric toothbrushes to Costco and pick up electric Sonic Care tooth brushes. Pete had been assigned this task, and I had to remind him of this. I wrote down Spokane – again, Pete was in charge

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of getting me a bus ticket from Spokane to Bellingham. I wrote down boarding pass, and Pete also printed this up. I also wrote down nail file because I had one in the car – needed to put this in my travel kit.

It took a bit of focus to get these ideas written down because I was busy with other things, including eating and packing my gear. But it all got done because I was focused. And writing down a partial list helped.

We left promptly at 9 a.m. for the airport. The sun was shining – it was a relatively traffic free ride. Pete and I talked quite a bit about all the committees he’s on and about our summer plans. I made him a list, so as to get him to think in a more focused fashion. We’ll be repairing fences and Pete wants to begin work on the goat milking shed. I’ll be working on the playground of higher learning.

Yes, it all takes focus to get things done. And today was no exception. We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare, and I had a lot of time on my hands. I read my Joan of Arc book and watched the other passengers board – they had terrible footwear. I was wearing my older Skywalker boots. The flight itself was uneventful. I read from my book, and I read my airport magazine. The view was incredible – I could see the Chugach Range and glaciers. The landing, coming into Portland was a bit bumpy, but it was a landing so I wasn’t that worried about

Met El outside the terminal – a wonderful reunion. We ate dinner, went for a walk around her hood. So many gardens, so much greenery.

Good to be with my sister. Good to again have my feet planted firmly on the ground. El said she’s been reading the list dispatches. Well that’s one reader.

I do not know tomorrow if I will be writing a list. The plan is right now up in the air but does include going to a movie. I do have work to do; I’ll get it done early, asap.

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